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LF Staff: Casey Cain Trishan de Lanerolle Jim Baker
Committee Members: Ranny Haiby Timothy Verrall Wenjing Chu Chaker Al-Hakim VM Brasseur Ed Warnicke Jason Hunt Olaf Renner Christian Olrog Frank BrocknersAbhijit Kumbhare Davide CherubiniMorgan RichommeBin Hu Brian Freeman   Manuel Buil Marc Fiedler Olaf Renner Catherine Lefevre

Proxies: Feng Pan (for @Thomas Nadeau)
Guests: Phil Robb


  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • LFN Governing Board meeting readout and actions - Jason Hunt
         Summary of board meeting
      •  TAC action items
        • VNF Onboarding and multi-VNFD 
        • technical architecture white paper (gaps, overlaps, touchpoints)
        • Process for cross-community collaboration
    • TAC Attendance 
    • LF IT Modernization update Casey Cain
    • LFN Monthly Security Group sync


ONS ODL/ONAP Abhijit Kumbhare

  • Joint meeting ODL/ONAP at ONS technical meetings
    • ODL to provide a minimum set of components from ODL to narrow the attack surface and CVE exposure
    • Will have monthly sync meetings between ODL/ONAP into the future starting week of  
  • What made it an effective discussion
    • Being f2f is powerful to help discussions/collaboration
    • ODL prefers to have DDF before the start of the next releases - so ONS aligns well with the ODL schedules
    • Chaker Al-Hakim set aside time for cross-community discussions at joint events

Events and TAC/MAC role

  • LFN sponsored events ONES - MAC lead the events
  • DDF/Plugfest joint project events - community inputs on timing/location
  • GB moving to LFN paid developer events instead of member volunteered sites
  • TAC as a broker to help consolidate community desires for joint events
  •'s audience differs from large orchestration projects and thus it is not served by joint DDFs with such projects. needs its own DDF, or a DDF in collaboration with other dataplane projects such as DPDK, OVS, etc.
  • Propose projects get event budget to allocate as they wish
  • AI: TAC would like a description of the event strategies for each project so that TAC might help broker dates/approach
  • Phil Robb  Recommends that we augment ONS with the developer events.

GB review of the SPC contributions

  • Board has asked SPC to balance internal focus and external adoption focus

 TAC action items from GB

  • technical architecture white paper (gaps, overlaps, touchpoints)
    • Help articulate how the LFN pieces fit together
    • Identify synergies to encourage collaboration 
    • Something like a landscape slide that shows relationships
      • Showing dependencies would be useful (eg. ONAP has dependencies on ODL jars)
    • Intended audience: utility to both internal/external - need clarification 
      • All LFN projects focus on the delivery of NFVs and ultimately VNFs
      • Overlaps exist - we know that mapping is the first step in understanding
    • Volunteers for technical architecture review of LFN projects
  • Deferred: Process for cross-community collaboration
    • Eg. CNCF TUG - GB asks for a proposal on how these collaborations should be done
    • Propose: use a wiki to catalog these efforts
  • Deferred: VNF Onboarding and multi-VNFD 

Action items

  • Casey Cain will coordinate with Events and SPC to ensure that the TAC is involved in the planning of Community Events