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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Post Antwerp:
    • New CNTT Workstreams Structure.
      • No concern.
      • AP: Rabi to create Chapter outlines.
      • Please all add your interest to become a commuter to: CNTT Workstream Signup
    • New CNTT Approval Process.
      • PG: suggested introducing 48 hours cool off period.
      • JB: Suggested indicating when the voting is needed to be triggered.
      • TK: suggested to have only 2 approvals instead of 4.
      • TK: suggested to investigate if we would like to introduce ToR for committers.
        • AP: Jonathan B to invistigage.
    • Meeting Times, Frequency, and timezone.
  • Next Release Roadmap Planning:
  • AOB
    • RABI to send the roles/etc to wider community asking for their interest.

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