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Phil Robb : The SPC will be creating a better comm channel to the projects and help the Board define budgeting priorities.  

Individual TSC reps have been invited to the SPC.  The first meeting will be on the 17th of June.  They will also be meeting with the Board in September to discuss budgeting. 

TAC Chair Discussion

  • Phil Robb : Is the TAC ready to define the role for the TAC Chair and hold and election.
  • As a reminder, Jason Hunt is our temporary representative to the Board.  He is also filling the role by default to the SPC.  PR states that he is hoping that the TAC can now deliberate and come to a conclusion on the role of the TAC Chair.
  • VM Brasseur : There isn't motivation to jump on this because Jason Hunt is doing such a good job.  Maybe we can make Jason the official chair and while he has the job, we can use his help to define the role.
  • Ed Warnicke seconds the nomination of Jason Hunt

OVP Update

  • Heather Kirksey reviews the OVP slides
  • The Compliance and Verification Committee (CVC) is a committee of the Governing Board.
  • Objective of the CVC is to improve deployment speed, interoperability and cost reductions for operators, and time to revenue, customer requirements and product quality for vendors.
  • The GB had made this one of their top priorities this year.
  • Q: Jim St. Leger - how engaged are the operators? 
  • A: highly engaged.  Also CNTT (Common NFVI Telecom Taskforce) initiative from operators have agreed there must be alignment with CVC.  VVP in ONAP and Functest in OPNFV also aligning
  • Both the GB and the EUAG business priorities align based upon surveys sent to both.
  • OVP is an opensource model for compliance testing.
  • A verified lab program exists
  • targeting a vanilla Openstack instance w/ ONAP and validate it is the 2019 goal
  • Projects are still demonstration "not invented here" behavior at this stage - need to align mindset as one cross LFN team and leverage the testing resource/ projects that currently exist
  • Need input on how to get TSCs talking , or a better method of engagement

Code of Conduct

  • What are the next steps?
  • Have all of the projects nominated their Code of Conduct rep at this point?
  • Ed Warnicke Suggests walking through the CNCF Code of Conduct and adopting it.  He walked through the CoC and then suggested that we do a fast pass to adopt the CoC to the Linux Foundation Networking. 
  • The TAC seems to have consensus that leveraging the CNCF Code of Conduct. 
  • The TAC agrees to have an LFN wide Code of Conduct.
  • Catherine Lefevre to work with Pawel to generate a CoC and present to the TAC.
  • Catherine Lefevre must unexpectedly leave the call appoints Davide Cherubini as ONAP proxy for the remainder of the meeting

Action items