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OPX Induction

  • Majority of responses have been abstains
  • OPX came in early February to request induction and presented to us in early March
  • Process has been followed  
    • Entry state is Non-TAC as per the life-cycle process
  • discussion of budget impact of inducting a new project
    • perception of requiring other projects to cut budgets to accommodate new projects
    • suggestion of asking the board for clarity on budget impact
  • discussion of diversity of incoming projects - concerns expressed
    • single company projects come to the LF to increase their diversity
    • Non-TAC life-cycle diversity is not listed as a criteria for entry

Interim TAC Rep to the Board

Topics for the Board Meeting

  • Strategy Workgroup of the Board has taken the TAC request for panel representation into consideration
    • Weekly meetings of he Strategy Workgroup preparing for GB meeting - meets tomorrow
    • Will present the recommendations to the GB next Tuesday
  • Infra group still working on POCs Brian Freeman will provide info to Phil & Jason for the GB.
    • No ETA yet on when PoCs will be complete.  Expect around 1 month.

Topics for the TAC F2F at ONS

  • Approx: 12 TAC members will be attending ONS according to raised hand poll
  • Working on audio
  • Thursday @ 11:10 for F2F
  • Summery of the Board conclusions of the Strategy Workgroup. 
  • discussion of goals for the year

Action Items

  • Phil Robb Jason Hunt to discuss Induction process with the Board on 4/2/19
  • Brian Freeman to help write a few bullet items for the Infra Workgroup and provide them to Jason for the Board Meeting  
  • Casey Cain to send an invite to the TAC F2F.
  • Kenny Paul resend invite for the Thursday reception with the GB