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Meeting summary

    1. Bin Hu, OPNFV (bh526r, 14:10:13)
    2. Abhijit Kumbhare, OpenDaylight (abhijitk, 14:11:07)
    3. Zyg Lozinski, IBM, proxy for Jason Hunt (zygmunt, 14:14:24)
    4. Christian Olrog, Ericsson, proxy for Anders Rosengren (eraolro, 14:14:52)
  1. OPX Review (CaseyLF, 14:22:57)
    1. Documents submitted for review 8 days ago. Will be ready for a vote soon. (CaseyLF, 14:23:26)
    2. (CaseyLF, 14:24:13)
    3. Will do an email vote (CaseyLF, 14:24:34)
    4. ACTIONCaseyLF to setup a Unconf Session for the TAC at ONS (CaseyLF, 14:25:07)
    5. We will do an email vote. (CaseyLF, 14:25:27)
  2. Strategic Planning (CaseyLF, 14:26:04)
    1. Phil explained that the members of the committee are members of the Board. (CaseyLF, 14:27:14)
    2. Phil explains why we need a new TAC rep. (CaseyLF, 14:29:30)
    3. TAC's proposal to get rid of TAC Rep, Committer Rep, and replace with panel of Project Reps (dfarrell07, 14:31:07)
    4. the Strategic Committee is still discussing the TACs proposal. (CaseyLF, 14:32:02)
    5. Phil asks the TAC who they want to represent them to the TAC on the 4/2 Board Meeting. (CaseyLF, 14:40:20)
    6. Mazin suggests that the TAC elect an Interim Chair. (CaseyLF, 14:42:05)
    7. Davide Cherubini said that he would be at the Board meeting and offered to be the rep. But he suggested that we elect an Interim Chair. (CaseyLF, 14:43:23)
    8. ACTIONCaseyLF will start the nomination period of the Interim Chair. (CaseyLF, 14:44:06)
  3. CII Badging (CaseyLF, 14:45:49)
    1. Catherine is updating the ONAP Code of Conduct for the CII Badging and asked if we should make a LFN level Code of Conduct. (CaseyLF, 14:46:35)
    2. It was noted that many of the projects already have a Code of Conduct. But it does make sense to have a LFN Code of Conduct. (CaseyLF, 14:47:12)
    3. Phil: LF has one for engaging in events and on mailing lists, but not directly for development. This is a good idea. (CaseyLF, 14:48:42)
    4. ACTIONCatherine will send that to the TAC for review. (CaseyLF, 14:49:54)
    5. ACTIONabhijitk to find an ODL rep for a Code of Conduct Committee (CaseyLF, 14:50:26)
    6. ACTIONCasey to find a rep from, PNDA and Tungsten Fabric (CaseyLF, 14:50:52)
  4. Multi VIM (CaseyLF, 14:51:37)
    1. Wants to know if there is overlap in the other communities to their ONAP project. (CaseyLF, 14:52:59)
    2. Link to proposal. (CaseyLF, 14:53:40)
    3. Tina said that there is a similar project in Akraino (CaseyLF, 14:54:38)
    4. Catherine said that she will email the details to the TAC and to Tina so that they can continue the discussion. (CaseyLF, 14:55:23)

Action items