Ed Kern previews drone and circleci

    • circleci uses nomad for orchestrator and doesn't support ARM
    • drone has shared memory constraints and does support ARM
    • a drone server can drive to a nomad cluster
    • used by vpp for ~5years because jenkins on openstack was unstable and at the time any disk writes were slow
    • can link to a ngrok container to get to drone server on other side of firewalls
  • After  getting more specific numbers, compare the direct costs for leveraging As A Service.
    • Discussion over the "sales phase" for migrations and how do we mitigate concerns
    • has then issue with infra limitations onap suffers from build/release complexity
    • recount of hydrogen release challenge - never, ever again (smile)
    • Thanh Ha (zxiiro) notes " If it's any consolation ODL's release process is fairly straight forward these days :)"
    • Once final numbers are available, the PMs will need to raise the issue with their respective TSCs
    • Would be nice to have everyone on one platform, but each community will no doubt have their own preferences
    • Ed Warnicke talking to gitlab on "bundle and save" - our current projects don't qualify for free
    • Jim Baker at least in onap little appetite for tool chain transitions Brian Freeman notes more timing and "safety"
    • Thanh Ha (zxiiro)  ODL transitioned from rackspace to vexxhost a year ago and would not be hip to moving again any time soon. Key concern is migration plan (job migrations), it's not something that can happen over night.
    • Trevor Bramwell notes that it will be unlikely that any transition will be in isolation. Likely to need migrating to a few tools due to dependencies even if communities only want to change one.

Action items

  • user-20f1f to escalate to management for POC payments
  • Kenny Paul add unconference session for TAC toolchain discussion