Follow Up Items

Joe Ghalam to research licensing around redis 

Phil Robb look into paying for a circleci plan for a POC
Ed Warnicke provide Phil Robb with information required for circleci and broker introductions
Christophe Closset onboard a project to circleci for testing a POC
Ed Vielmetti provide information on gitlabci to Phil
Casey Cain Follow up on:
Need to get estimate of "build minutes" by category to understand potential costs for "AsAService" costs to compare. category we think is gerrit, jenkins, nexus
Need estimate of current costs for VM based gerrit/jenkins/nexus tool chain

Number of Build Minutes (last 90 days): - src bitergia

CircleCI: 100k credits for $60.  40 credits/min for X-Large (8 CPU, 16GB), so pricing with $0.024/m ( fees:, free for Open Source project : Gold& Ultimates (

Back of the Envelope Estimates per project:

  • ODL: 3,078,224.58m  x $0.024/m - $73,877.84/quarter
  • ONAP: 790,041.78m x $0.024/m - $18,960/quarter
  • OPNFV: 3,300,000m x $0.024/m - $79,200/quarter
  • ??? - $9k/q (source: eaw back of the envelope in the past)

Agenda next week

Ed Kern to demo drone environment

Possible to get a status on LF Hardware available per project?

Action items