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OPX Overview Slides




OPX Induction Request - Introducing the Project to the TAC

  • Joe Ghalam reviewed his OPX (Open Switch) slides
  • OPX name to help elemiminate confusion with Open vSwitch
  • Questions regarding possible trademarking issue due to the proximity of the name Open Switch / Open vSwitch. It is not believed there is an issue.
  • Concerns raised over the use of redis database due to restrictive licensing that would prevent an OPX enabled box from being used in a service offering
  • Rebranding work underway to remove "open-switch" is WIP and is being handled very strategically.
  • Induction documents will be submitted to github this week with review to start next week.
  • (Joe drops from call at this point)
  • Question/concern raised over expected impact to the LFN budget - part of what the Board takes into consideration 
  • Concern raised over proprietary switch driver  - some surprise over the fact it was received in binary form. Needs to be highlighted for the board.

TAC Chair

  • Still no chair
  • To be revisited at the next meeting.

Action items

  • Joe Ghalam to research licensing around redis