Discussion items

Phil arranged for funds to cover POC accounts for folks that need to do larger capacity testing

Casey indicate status on these two action items :   Steve Ira is working on the numbers for us and we should have them soon.

  1. Need to get estimate of "build minutes" by category to understand potential costs for "AsAService" costs to compare.
    1. category we think is gerrit, jenkins, nexus
  2. Need estimate of current costs for VM based gerrit/jenkins/nexus tool chain

Mohammed Naser did a demo of Zuul

a. CI Tool

b. As a service

c. Doesnt matter where the code is hosted (git, gitlab, github, bitbucket)

d. zuul jobs are ansible scripts

e. Can do pre-merge jobs that are based on pre-merge pull requests from other projects (OOM + change in project)

                  DependsOn:  keyword and then paste in the pull request for the dependency

f. Billing per minute,  based upon server size + build time. In 3-4 months the time will only be tracked during the actual build itself, not linking dependencies. 

g. Quota based pool - would need to look at whether to define per project or as a shared resource across LFN

h. Capability to run on a schedule

i. May be possible to external labs linked in if there is a local zuul instance running in the lab- upstream/downstream model

All jobs are run in a VM not in a container.

Action Items:

  • Gather slides and information about Zuul (Mohammed Naser  ) + possible pre-recorded CLAMP demo (smile)