1. Reviewed preliminary ONAP PoC from Christophe and Morgan
    1. See wiki page ( POC infra result)
    2. Some toolling is running as containers that can limit their use in some applications (volume mounts in ONAP, bare metal tests)
  2. ARM support in CircleCI and DockerHub is lacking/weak. Needs to be discussed more deeply in a future meeting. DroneCloud was mentioned as an option.
  3.  No project would be forced to move to a particular tool. 
    1. This needs to be discussed a bit more so that we understand the value in LFN addressing the tooling topic.
  4. Short discussion of Zuul as another CI/CD option
    1. Ansible based
    2. Close ties to Openstack but its is becoming more independent
    3. Should do a deeper dive in a future call (5 to 10 minutes)

Action Items

  1. Need to get estimate of "build minutes" by category to understand potential costs for "AsAService" costs to compare.
  2. Need estimate of current costs for VM based gerrit/jenkins/nexus tool chain
  3. Zuul Demo   (next meeting Mohammed Naser   )
  4. DroneCloud Demo   (Ed V - next meeting