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Discussion items

  1. Release rolls are a pain with the current setup

2.   Morgan's comment was about who can merge jjb changes - right now some jobs can only be merged by LF (located in North America)

Categories of Things

Copied from which was done specific for OPNFV:

SCM: Gerrit → Github / Gitlab

CI: Jenkins → CI Provider (CircleCI, GitLab-CI, TravisCI, GithubActions, etc)

  • Code: Gerrit -> Hosted
    • Github
    • Gitlab
    • Bitbucket
  • Issue Tracking:
    • Jira
    • Github Issues

  • CI: Jenkins -> Hosted
  • Artifacts: Google Storage/Nexus ->

Types of Artifacts

ONAP:  jars , dockers , python/pip ,

FDio: jars, apt/yum - ambitions of dockers

OPNFV: git tags, docker, python packages, rpms

Priority of Things

  1. SCM
  2. CI
  3. Artifact Repo
  4. HW Hosting - HWaaS vs Own

Evaluation Requirements

  • Cost
  • Time / Effort to Move
  • Cost to Move
  • DCO Support (SCM) - Github support DCO enforcement (smile)
  • Risk of service going away
    • Risk of free/discount pricing tier going away


  • Low hanging POCs
  • Packagecloud for apt/yum - has done
  • Docker hub for container images - very widely done
  • SCM: POC Github PRs ?
  • CI: POCing Circleci/TravisCi etc

Action items

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  1. Gather Jenkins stats per project - LF ?
  2. SCM (git hub) → CI poc for ONAP  (Morgan and Christophe) , ODL () , (Ed) ,OPNFV ( work done by Cedric Ollivier  in OPNFV functest) ,  etc for a few repo's