For telecoms to offer next-gen connectivity to customers and end users, they need to get their own houses in order first by optimising their networks – and AI, machine learning and AIOps offers a smarter and quicker way to do it. This document will explore what AI and ML means to telecoms, vendors and customers.  The cultural shifts the industry needs to make it a success, and what to bear in mind when rolling out machine learning across a telco network.

The LFN (Linux Foundation Networking) End User Advisor Group (EUAG) is publishing this document to identify and highlight the latest thinking and recommendations for building and supporting Intelligent networks .

2.1  LFN EUAG: Role and Mission

The LFN (Linux Foundation Networking) End User Advisor Group (EUAG)’s mission is to share views, challenges, and best practices among organizations in the telecommunications industry; particularly highlighting areas of opportunity for Open Source developer communities.  The membership is individuals from various organizations from the industry including telecommunications carriers, cable operators, network providers, and compute or storage service providers.

As the voice of the operator end user community, it represents the operators’ perspective for various telecommunications related Open Source projects, and their adoption in the industry.  Recent projects that the EUAG have been active with include ONAP (BSS/OSS orchestration tooling) and to lesser extent, the Anuket Project’s VNF infrastructure reference models, and testing functions stemming from the CVP (Compliance and Verification program for the. NFV/SDN/VNF Ecosystem) and former OPNFV work.

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