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Jason NieszWalmart
Dhivya RWalmart
Charles Liu Walmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • R1 Release Status
    • Not for R1: Match the Go versions between Windows and Linux
    • Added: Production Deployment Guide
    • toDo: Create new PR for version
      • Planning to re-write the way L3AFd loads eBPF programs in the next release.
      • Should this be R0.9 instead of R1?
      • REST APIs will not change, but how programs are written will change dramatically.
      • Call it 1.0 (Because it is already being used in production) and the next release will be 2.0 
        • Marketplace will not start until R2.0 because of the breaking change in eBPF program APIs
      • 2 PRs left
        • doc link and fix version
      • Media package delivered to the MAC
        • Teaser for new R1 blog (non-blocking)
        • Jason Nieszto create bullet list of R1 release facts for blog teaser
      • Update OpenSSF scorecard
        • AI: Jason to create an account there and send Dave the userid number
        • AI: Dave to grant Jason edit privileges on the badge
        • AI: Jason to then update the answers to the remaining questions in the badge
      • Governing Board meeting
        • Updated slides
          • fix logo on front slide
          • add something about "what we are doing well"
            • Roadmapping
            • Release Management
            • OpenSSF badging
        • Ajay Rautto present slides
          • Slides will be presented by host, you will be provided a copy
    • Updates for website
      • Get ready before media blasts go out
    • How do we track interest in L3AF over time
      • Monitoring interest after releases and announcments
      • Visitors from GitHub?
        • Only a 14 day history
      • Walk through LFX insights tool
        • Much more data than Github
    • Use Github discussions if you want to keep history
      • Slack loses history in 90 days

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