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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Jason NieszWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi David McBride



  • Recap: RM meeting 9/20/2022
    • This immediate release won't make the new process
      • Punt next release to next year
        • This time of year is too busy
    • Follow current process for this release
      • Need to home in on process and dates
  • Super close to ready on this release
    • have release notes doc
  • mTLS PR
    • We have covered all the scenarios and need feedback
  • PR Go - Latest version of Go 1.19.1
    • Working on swagger fix
      • Could exclude from build
    • Static checker is also latest
  • Pr: Rules for generating release notes #113
    • As long as we require labeling of the PR it will automatically work and do what we want
    • Plan is to publish this with the release.
    • Is there enough documentation for folks to be able to use the release?
      • We can add it
      • We are using semver
        • We have to maintain backwards compat
        • Since this is a 1.0 release the doc should look like it is the initial documentation
    • L3AF on Windows
      • Do this in Go
        • If you are able to compile XDP root then it should work.
        • Should investigate with a simple test program.
        • Can we load with go?
      • Set up Zoom when we are ready to investigate.

Release Management Next Steps:

  • Motion to develop and Implement a Release Management process with LF consulting support:
    • Passed
  • motion to establish a release management working group (Jason, Dhivya, Santhosh + Dave Thaler for input)
    • Passed
  • Schedule meeting w/Dave McBride?
    • Jason, Dhivya, Santhosh + Dave Thaler for input and Lj.
    • Schedule for next week in the morning time.
      • 11 am EST on Tues. 9/20

Action Items

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