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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
chaitanya lalaMicrosoft
Jason NieszWalmart
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Atul PrajapatiWalmart
Dhivya RWalmart
Nitin TaurWalmart

LF Staff: 



  • L3AF Roadmap discussion: Issue #39
    • Please review/comment
    • Will discuss next week.
  • Repo support: Issue #69
    • In the repo guideline req:
      • Update docs and update tests
      • What test is being updated for this issue?
        • OSS Scorecard - we can use this for proof that we have testing
      • Atul to look into adding test
  • Implemented map name without full path
    • Has hard coded path - needs to reference configs.
    • Is there a test required for this?
      • Yes, we have a test.
    • Any path that is pinned should not assume that the path starts with: /sys
    • In Windows a path is optional. It's in memory
      • You can't use filesystem commands
      • You have to use bpftool or netsh, etc.
  • Granular APIs to add, delete ebpf programs on a node #57
    • Do this without posting the whole JSON file.
    • Missing a test.
  • Chala
    • Linux team in MSFT 
      • More clear remote tests and tests for everything
  • Guide to use L3AF in production environments
    •  Draft - Convert to mark down and make a PR
    • Prod best practices
      • mTLS, supported versions, no self-signing, no debug logs, 
      • Should we recommend 1.3 or later?
        • Yes, will change from 1.2
      • Never recommend a public repo
  • Next week: discussions
    • Interaction between Kubernetes, docker and l3afd
    • Didn't support containerized environment right now
      • l3AFd runs in container and can attach to host interface
      • Chaining with Cilium has not been tested
      • A lot of dependency on the CNI
  • Which clients can call the REST APIs?
    • implement a lib that can support multiple backends
      • One local, one using the cloud services
      • Have to have recommendations for production.
    • Local dB for dev environment
    • Cloud services fro prod using framework
  • Deployment Guide
    • how to deploy on Ubuntu, Windows, Mariner
    • Recommend what CI/CD pipeline to use?
      • No, we should not get into that level of detail with implementation
  • Ready to go reciepies?
    • If you want to deploy with Azure VMs do this. If you want to...
    • Yes, it should be easier to deploy.
  • Governance:
    • PR to replace Kathy
    • Also need to replace Steve Laughlin
    • And need an alt for Vicky
      • This spot will remain unfilled for now.
  • WalMart summit (internal)
    • L3AF project topics (next month
  • Links:

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