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Eric TiceWipro
Jason NieszWalmart
Dhivya Rwalmart
Cindy WanMicrosoft
Satya PradhanWalmart
Atul PrajapatiWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Make repo config into the json config and support local file
    • Where is the json .cfg?
    • The comments are the only docs we have for the config.
      • Would be nice to have a doc for this
  • When should PRs be approved how many approvals needed?
    • 2 separate from the submitter
  • `Monitoring the expiration of TLS certs.
    • Added configurable warning
    • 30 day warning by default
  • Running L3AFd on Azure VM.
    • use port 8080
    • clone l3afd repo run go install
    • Use port 7080
    • Change the port
  • Roadmap and Release schedule Initial
    • Release will increase our badging score
    • What are the big rocks?
      • mTLS
        • Trust based on CA
        • Trust if it's signed by CA and matches pattern
      • define repos per eBPF package
        • Atul working on this now
      • Security RBAC - Read only user vs. Admin.
    • Having L3AFD running on an Azure VM in Windows and Linux
    • Running rate limiting and XDP root on Windows
    • Signed eBPF programs(?) - Stretch goal.
    • Multiple repo support.
    • mTLS - key should never be in the source code or a cfg.
      • Could be in a separate file that only the l3afd user can access it.
      • Use cloud services for prod.
      • Every time we generate a new token.
      • Client can use the token until we regenerate
      • Sign token for read user then that is part of the hash
      • the role is signed in the token.
      • If we have a token with the assigned role then we can auth and validate the user.
      • Use local file store for dev and cloud provider option for prod.
    • Timeframe:
      • 1-2 months
  • Thoughts about release cadence
    • Every 2-3 months(?) - too aggressive
    • Let's try 6 months for starters.
      • Eventually go to quarterly
  • Long term roadmap
    • Chaining semantics
      • Cilium has their own semantics
      • Standardize XDP dispatcher
        • Have multiple progs attach to interface on XDP
        • Approach is impossible on the TC side
          • Testing now.
        • lib XDP convert into golang
        • directly call APIs from l3afd
        • Newer version of prog with mult eBPF progs attached in priority
        • l3af chaining and Cilium not compat.
          • Should we change our semantics?
            • tracking progs and maps
          • Should be seamless in kube environment
        • desktop apps for l3afd
          • Running on service
    • Looking at using core. (Linux Kernel)
      • write eBPF progs to leverage core semantics across different kernel releases
      • Move everything to latest libBPF
      • Move to latest libBPF APIs
    • Package signing
    • We support mostly network now
      • Observability is separate
      • Network chaining
        • Had plans like adding observability into l3af platform
      • Support of Kprobes/Uprobes
    • l3afd daemon as robust as possible
    • Package manager (marketplace stuff)
    • Do we have a secure mode that makes sure eBPF programs that are not in the l3afd set are unloaded.
      • if l3afd is inserting programs for security and someone outside of l3afd and unloads one of the sec progs.
        • l3afd should detect and enforce this.
    • eBPF program enforcement
    • right now it won't pick this up until you make a change.
  • PR to add to l3af-arch:
  • Add issue to l3af-arch issue
    • Start drafting form this initial set of requirements

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Posted Roadmap for further discussion on l3af-arch:

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