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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Cindy WanMicrosoft
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
Jason NieszWalmart
VM (Vicky) BrasseurWipro
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Eric TiceWipro
Dhivya RWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • WiPro engagement
    • Eric - Will be looking for a replacement on the TSC
    • Will continue to attend and be helpful in the interim.
    • Vicky - Need to step back as well for a while.
      • Ping if needed.
  • OpenSSF best practices badge
    • Group session to fill out form.
      • fixed: New functionality question 1 needs the correct "cut and paste"
      • fixed: Question 3 needs the same fix
      • Look at warnings. Are they addressed?
      • Are all build warnings turned on?
  • Next Release - roadmap planning
    • Need a serious look at feature and release cadence
    • Need to grow contributors
    • Leverage the eBPF day presentation for blogpost
    • Release that we can put out on media
    • Highlight Santhosh's L3AF presentation into a blog.
    • Ongoing agenda item.
  • PRs:
    • WinZip - go ahead and merge...merged
    • Increase test coverage - added go tests to increase coverage - please review!
      • Please don't check in l3afd as a binary.
    • Integrating with demo
    • If I'm unpriv and I log on to the local machine, then how do we block elevation of privilege?
      • How does l3afd know to not accept the restful request from someone who is not an admin?
      • To update you need to be an admin.
        • Not implemented - must use https to modify stuff from local loopback
          • Make sure that this gets implemented
      • Security vulnerability - unpriv user can get root access by installing an eBPF program.
  • Need a separate issue for the prod env?
    • Yes, prod env is not documented and we need to add a for it.
  • Action item to file the issue: Jason Niesz
  • June 15th DTF in Puerto.
    • Cancelling this meeting so that we can watch?
      • Discuss next week

Future Agenda Items