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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
VM (Vicky) Brasseur Wipro
Nitin K. TaurWalmart
Santhosh Fernandes Walmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy

  • Meeting note taker

  • Welcome to new attendees

  • June DTF- a virtual component has been added

  • Readout from Cloud Native eBPF Day presentation (May 16)
  • General Topics (cover as needed)

    • Use Cases

    • Roadmap

    • Project structure

      • Governance

      • Technical Steering Committee


  • June DTF- topics are now being accepted for virtual presentation: 2022 June DTF Virtual-Only Track
  • eBPF day ReadOut:
    • Santhosh: logistic issues
      • Pre-recorded session
      • Audio system bad (Echos)
      • How many people?
        • No idea.
      • Got an email from a VC developer
        • Forward to LJ, will contact and try to get a session at a future TSC meeting
      • Please put slides, etc in L3AF collatoral
      • Youtube link: 

  • MAC update:
    • Interest in L3AF
      • Need to have questions in advance to pass by legal (Wallmart)
      • Microsoft - probably okay with just doing the blogpost. We have done it before.
      • Recorded videos
    • Publication cadence for blogposts
      • Videos - lovely, but don't block on them
    • Need external visibility
  • LFN board meeting
    • Need to grow the l3af community: Contributors and company diversity
  • Make use of collaroral page:
  • Lj: Working with Heather and Shredhar from Aniket community
    • Intersect points with Aniket and L3AF
    • In progress...
    • Followup meeting coming soon.
  • Start of DTF: Single session with lightning talks?
    • Nope, but this is an interesting point: Need to circulate the idea
  • Come up with some tech/arch conversations for upcoming calls
    • Would be great to see the direction and roadmap for the project
    • Use cases, blockers, etc
    • Santhosh: Yes, agreed
      • Will write agenda for next week.
      • L3AF and AKS coexistance
      • Put comments is Slack in general channel
      • Put in repo as issues?
        • Yes, this is more permanent
    • Kiran: Put KFs in repo, need to know where to put them and to understand the structure
      • Santhosh: Will help

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