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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Eric TiceWipro
Dave ThalerMicrosoft

Nitin K. Taur
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Satya PradhanWalmart
Kiran KNWipro
Meni HillelWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy

  • Meeting note taker

  • Welcome to new attendees

  • (vmb) Cloud Native eBPF Day presentation on Monday: are we ready for that & an influx of potential new contributors?

  • Storage documentation
  • June DTF in Porto. Topic proposals deadline is May 27
  • General Topics (cover as needed)

    • Use Cases

    • Roadmap

    • Project structure

      • Governance

      • Technical Steering Committee


  • Cloud native - Santhosh presenting
    • Register for Cloud Native - virtual eBPF day included
    • Questions:
      • Are we having a l3af call next week?
      • Prepare for influx of new community members.
      • Are we ready? Are there slides? Can they be shared?
      • Add link to l3af getting started to slides.
      • Add meeting day and time.
      • Walmart did not approve. Have visa, no tickets.
        • Slides still under review for Walmart legal.
      • There is remote presentation.
        • Microsoft is doing this.
      • Santhosh - can share slides tomorrow. (maybe)
  • Meeting next week?
    • Meeting is on for next week.
    • Calls to action: Website, getting started link, join us for the call.
    • What can we give to new people to keep them interested.
      • Good first issues.
      • Kiran - hard to understand the current structure
        • Need onboarding for technical members
          • Future plans, vision. Webinar, documentation session
      • Record and link Getting Started Webinar.
  • Daniel w/update on first MAC meeting
    • Really motivated to promote L3AF
    • Also interested in doing it to hit their KPIs
    • Suggests we focus on the enterprise side of things
    • A number of demos out there for POCs, but the MAC won't mind
    • Would love to get an enterprise story for the MAC to promote
    • Also promote L3AF's participation in the next dev/testing forum if possible
      • In June in Porto
      • Topic proposal deadline is May 27
      • No L3AF topics in there yet
    • Daniel suggests we work on drafting a blog post about enterprise stuff
      • Walmart has mentioned this before
      • Microsoft side has an l4lb demo (less technical blog that the MAC writes for us)
        • Dave: not sure this has been tried with L3AF yet (but would love it to be in future) since Cilium L4LB doesn't adhere to the L3AF contract and L3AF doesn't support xdp dispatcher yet
    • VMB: Walmart friends? Have an idea for a blog post?
      • Daniel: LF will write after interviewing people to gather info
      • Santhosh: Already published3 articles in September
        • VMB: Need more up to date posts to show progress
    • Daniel's Meeting with Heather K today
      • Then can set up interview with Santhosh?
      • Santhosh: need a lot of advance approvals from Walmart legal
      • Daniel: Will explore when he talks to Heather
  • June DTF page:
    • DTF forum is to encourage collaboration as much as possible.
    • L3af has not reached out to other projects to understand overlap yet.
    • LJ: possible overlap with Aniket
      • Stand alone l3af projects will still be acceptable because it will provide a forum to investigate collaboration.
    • If we will not (will we?) have a person on-site can we have a virtual or pre-recorded session?
      • Vicky: Pre-recorded sessions not really suitable for DTF. 
    • Dave: Need a tutorial lab or similar presentation.
    • Vicky: A roundtable with other projects invited.
    • Ideas for topics: Getting started with l3af, roundtable. tutorial
      • Still need a representative on site.
      • Will they back off on this statement?
  • Issues:
    • Do we have an "Good first issue" issues?
      • issue #18 - Santhosh, please add more info in the comments so that a new contributor can do this.
      • issue #34 - Santhosh to add more information
      • Issue #35 - Santhosh, add comment pointing to code.
  • PRs:
    • Santhosh needs a hand on #53
      • Dave will help with cmake for Windows

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