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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Eric TiceWIpro
Jason NieszWalmart
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
Dhivya RWalmart
Nitin K TaurWalmart
Satya PradhanWalmart
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Kiran KNWipro
Luka Perkov

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Reporting security issues
    • List as placeholder created as a way to support security issues that are not public
      • Anyone can send messages, but it is not public and only members can view
      • Initial list: all members of the TSC: Jason, Santhosh, Eric, Dave, Lj
        • Short term solution
      • Qualifications for TSC and security are not the same
    • Working with PM for LFx security: Will be on Apr 27, 2022: Overview and getting started.
    • Propose that we also overview on license and export scan tools. Apr. 20, 2022(?)
      • Is there overlap between the 2 tools?
  • PRs
    • #47 mTLS support: please review
      • Completes a piece of the loopback/non-loopback design
    • #33: Governance
      • Updated removal section
      • Approved. Forward to TAC
    • Issue #15
      • Must be done by WallMart
        • SPDX identifier of the license changed, not matching at the bottom.
        • Kernel will accept dual with GPL in it.
          • Santhosh: Need to retest.
      • bpf_ipfix_egress_kern.c - please make dual license
    • Commit hook from gitHub that checks the license?
      • Please do:
      • By default: block things that just say GPL?
        • Example: BSD string, and instead of or them
        • Two legal strings: Dual licensed GPL and ... or Apache 2.0: According to charter
        • What happens if the license is the code?
        • Look for GPL or whitelist?
          • Whitelist is easiest.
      • If needed in the future we can expand.
  • PR #70
    • Request for review
    • Step 2: Testing for Windows.
      • Only Makes the programs compile, does not test the programs themselves
      • rate_limiting and xdp_root
    • Please put Dave on the code owners list for l2af-project repos
      • Work in progress PR on process for this
      • TSC makes the call. Approved
        • Each repo needs a PR to update code owners
        • Admin can make the settings change. (Santhosh). Done.
  • Storage through LFN
    • Left off: understand what level of subscription that we need
    • Figure out how it gets paid for
    • Jason: Getting input from legal (WallMart)
    • Lj: Start with cost. Then we can consult the LFN on the model
  • Can use free tier to get started.
    • Figure out what services fit the model.
    • Hone in on the platform so that we don't have to rip it all out and replant somewhere else.
  • PR #14
    • Someone generated a request for doc readability
      • Has merge conflict. Hasn't been addressed for a couple of months.
      • Santhosh: Just close it. The changes have already made it into the doc
  • PR #8 Storage
    • Is Azure an option? MSFT is a member and AWS is not.
      • Might be easier to justify.
    • Why is LFN dictating that we must use Amazon?
      • This complicates things for us. We don't have relationship with AWS.
    • Santhosh: Azure blob
      • Please ask on Slack

Action Items

Future Agenda Items

  • LFx Security Overview and Getting Started scheduled for 04/27
  • Proposal that the community receive an overview on license and export compliance scan tools. Queue this up for 04/20?