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Eric TiceWipro
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Satya PradhanWalmart
Dhivya RWalmart
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
Nitin K TaurWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Governance PR - Finalize and pull in from TAC perspective
  • Comments from TAC
    • Fill in TSC elections - simple majority vote
  • Dave: Feeback waiting for updates. 7 days old/
    • Eric - Made a couple comments. Will take a look.
    • Jason - Do we want to say committers or just maintainers?
    • Dave: Editorial cleanup is needed.
  • API structure
    • Santhosh - changes committed.
    • Dave: Needs to be rebased. Blocking.
    • Santhosh - Will address.
  • PR #16
    • Dave: Either merge now or hold until all the gaps are filled. Just don't lose the comments
      • Still 5 other things that need to be put in an issue to track the gaps
      • Security - project manager from LFX to give a walkthough on LFX security next week(?)
      • Dave: Do we get this for free for being part of LFN?
        • LJ: Yes!
      • Jason: Don't block on security issue.
        • Fix the links and merge. Create issue for security and other larger issues.
    • Satya: Check for linker errors, newlines and such.
  • goimports
    • Does go formatting and detects import data errors
    • Replace gofmp with goimports
    • Works on Linux and Windows (YaY!)
  • API restructure PR#26
    • Use relative paths rather than absolute paths.
    • Holding for: Typos. Minor editorial. SIGTERM issue.
    • Secure mTLS, Zero-trust security model. Default to secure.
      • Only communicate with loopback insecurely.
    • Dave Thaler had to leave for another meeting after this point
  • Badges:
    • Code owners by default. Contributors is a wider offering.
    • Need to okay the definition spelled out in the charter.
    • Karan and Brian will both be on the list.
  • ONEV is next week
  • LFN Status on Storage:
    • Looks like there will be a chargeback for this.
  • How do other projects handle items that come with a cost?
    • Some projects use funding from member projects
    • As a TAC project sometimes projects can get budget from LFN.
    • Mostly self-funded.
    • LFIT - Would have to work out design, planning, execution, cost. Level of effort seems high.
  • Jason: Is there a no cost option to continue developing Marketplace?
    • Santhosh: We could use repos. Test prototype.
    • Jason: Github repo.
    • Santhosh: Need a full on web service, UI, auth model, access control, etc. for prod.
    • Jason: Ask is for object storage and the ability to run the site as well.
    • From IT: Someone from the community can create an AWS account for use and we can invite it into our billing organization so that it is what we refer to as an unmanaged AWS where LF (LFN) is actually paying the bills but IT doesn't do anything inside it. Alternatively, we can likely provide a managed S3 bucket, but any application that would need to connect to it would be something that IT would not deploy or manage.
      • This comes with a backcharge.
    • LJ: We would have to come up with a cost and how to do the backcharge through LFN.
      • Should we open an issue and get some feedback? Santhosh Fernandes, can you figure out costs?
      • Then I could figure out budget approval.
      • Santhosh: Issue is already open, we can update our findings there.
      • Jason: Usage should be low in the beginning.
      • Issue:
      • LJ: Before we go back to LFN we need costing.
      • Jason: Free tiers exist.
      • Santhosh: This is a blocker to progress with marketplace/repos
        • LJ: Free tier might be an option to get unblocked
  • New Manager for L3AF IDC: Nitin Taur
    • Welcome Nitin!

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