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Daniel Havey Microsoft
SHANKAR MALIK University of Delhi
Mehul Gulati Netaji Subhas University of Technology
Jason Niesz Walmart
Shubham Kumar University of Delhi 

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi Heather Kirksey 



  • 2023 LFN Events Plan - Heather
    • Try to co-locate with other events as much as possible.
      • IETF, SigCom, NANOG, etc.
      • Participated in IETF Bits and Bytes
        • Good conversation, but difficult to get OSS people to IETF (not funded for this)
      • L3AF and Cloud Native eBPF day have overlap
    • DT&F June virtual
    • integrate "quiet periods" into the event calendars
  • Issue discussion/Dev updates

  • Release Management readout - Dhivya
    • Outline for progress timeline - next connect.

  • Any Other Business
  • Discuss RBAC PR next meeting.
  • Complete Traffic Monitoring PR

Action Items

Future Agenda Items