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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Dave ThalerMicrosoft

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Meeting time shift- the meeting time changed from 1500 UTC to 1600 UTC due to DST. Do we want to keep or change back to 1500 UTC?
    • Keep meeting at current time
  • LFN Intern/Mentorship Program - Window is open to propose projects for Mentorship Program: Propose a Project for Mentership Program
  • TAC Representative:: Santhosh
  • MAC representative: Daniel
  • June Dev and Test Forum
    • Puerto, Portugal - attend in person if possible. 
    • Would love to have a track with L3AF. possible tie in with eBPF foundation or even Anuket.
      • Will have discussion with folks from Anuket
    • Keep on radar
  • Community program: program committee leads for a project
    • Need someone for L3AF. Please put your name forward.
    • Jason: What is the role and how much time required
      • LJ: 1 hour every 2 weeks to talk about collab points
        • Might change to weekly as the event gets closer.
        • Not a heavy lift.
      • Jason: Isn't this what the TAC does?
      • LJ: Yes, but more technical.
        • This is just for the event. Will start in a couple of weeks and then end after the event.
        • Not a permanent role.
      • Santhosh: I can do this. (Thank you, Santhosh!)
  • Badging:
    • Get list of people who would receive a L#AF contributor and or a committer badge
      • Need this by next week.
      • Committer badges can be taken from the list in the repo
      • Compile a list of contributors(?)
  • LFN intern and mentorship program
    • submit projects in the development realm
    • Work on sub-projects for L3AF
    • Dave: How does it compare to outreachy internship?
      • Would outreachy be better in terms of cost?
  • Jason: TSC update - When a company representative leaves, how are they replaced?
    • Dave: Never been defined.
      • Charter needs to be amended because this is just wierd in the charter.
    • Determined by the TSC. We do not have a procedure for this now.
      • Just use a majority vote for now. 
        • Use page as it is now - Passed
  • Technical discussion:
    • Santhosh: PR submitted on PR #26
    • Removed blocking change request.
    • eBPF type is now a program type
    • Discussion needed for: is_user
      • Should rename: "Does user program state running?", keep resident, long running user program, etc.
      • Will rename.
      • Using old style ioctls that hardcode SIGTERM, etc.
        • Fixed. Doesn't use the hard coding any more.
      • mTLS part is still pending. #20
        • Need approval.
        • Dave: will review
          • L3AF should be secure by default.
          • Default to localhost w/mTLS disabled.
        • Jason: localhost is what we want exposed
        • Dave: If it is only localhost by default then it's not that big of a deal.
          • If it requires a config change to use non-localhost and it's easy to config mTLS
          • No mTLS for non-localhost is not acceptable because it is non-secure by default
        • Jason: Have to set a config value to have non-mTLS when it's non-localhost.
    • Satya: CodeQL, dependabot, and others need merging
      • Jason: Windows one - for the \r\n
      • PR #28 - There is a git way to handle this
      • Auto crlf would normally be true.
        • Wont work because the Go tool needs to keep original formatting.
    • PR #16 - Gaps in contrib guide
      • Already has approvals, but has comments.
        • Merge or keep working on this open PR?
      • Jason: Contrib guide doesn't seem like the right place to have the list of contribs
        • Dave: Should have a link to the list instead.
      • Jason: Let's just link to governance.
        • Submit this PR and iterate.
    • Satya: GoLang lint lib depreciated - issue #30
      • Please update the issue description.

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