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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
VM (Vicky) BrasseurWipro

Dhivya RWalmart
Satya PradhanWalmart
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Jason NieszWalmart
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
Mike Dvorkin

Eric TiceWipro

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi Brandon Wick



  • Jason: Committers  - LF requirement. Please make sure that the PR goes through
    • Vicky: in progress
      • Just need final detail
    • Dave: #22 ready to be merged now.
      • The button has been pressed
  • Jason: I will be taking over the L3AF duties for Karan
    • Manny: New L3AF manager for Wallmart for US
    • Santooh will continue to be a tech lead
  • Dave: Other PR #16 & 18 - only two approvers
    • What process do we need to approve? Is 2 approvers enough?
    • Vicky: There is an issue for this. We can use this as a test case.
      • Will write up
    • Jason: Okay with 2 approvers.
    • Dave: Majority of TSC members. (Not a strong opinion)
    • Vicky: Will create an issue for this so we can agree.
      • As lightweight as possible for now.
  • MArketing issues:
    • Brandon - Sr. Marking Manager at LFN
    • Running the MAC council
    • Talking about proof points
    • Developing quality content is a big concern
      • Need to hear from communities about leveraging OSS projects
    • Asking for community to provide User Stories.
      • Leveraging tooling for products, customers, compelling story
      • Need an SME to do a sit down interview for a story
    • Last year published case studies with global network opportunities 
      • Broadening scope of proof point
      • Developing projects.
      • Could be user stories from Wallmart, MSFT, WiPro
      • Development that talks about L3AF
    • Integrate LFN with Enterprise industry.
      • Use L3AF as a bridge to show how important networking is to Enterprise
    • Vicky: Things people could do?
      • Brandon: Yes. Business scenario would be good. show benefits to going this direction eBPF instead of trad networking
      • Manny a good SME to talk to
      • Jason: Ravi to do a keynote about how Wallmart is using L3AF
        • Brandon: Could leverage that as the heart of the content and a good starting point
    • Badging:
      • Initiated by TAC last year.
      • Help communicate recognition to contributors
      • Just set up an account in credly and the recipient will receive the badge
      • Moving into project level badges
      • Customize badge categories to make sense for individual projects
      • Looking to L3AF to advise what categories to use for L3AF and who is eligable
        • Need full name and email.
      • Goal is to distribute in Q1 for last year annually 
      • Like to finalize for distribution in the next couple weeks.
      • LJ: Looking at Aniket and ONAP as examples
        • Need to remove PTL.
      • Vicky: As part of the end of year process is to re-asses badges?
        • We need process for this.
        • Brandon: Agreed this is a good place for process.
    • Brandon MAC role
      • Commitment of a couple hours a month to ensure alignement
      • Make sure the needs of the project are met at the LFN.
      • The MAC is where we have those discussions
  • PR discussions
    • Santosh: #25
      • Dave: Just approved it.
        • sigkill is a cleaner way to do it, but no objections
      • #26 needs to be rebased on 25 to work on Windows (use procterm API)
        • Jason: Need to discuss GRPC removal. Thougs/objections?
        • Santhosh: GRPC or REST APIs (external)
          • Remove GRPC for OSS world?
        • No concerns voiced.
        • Maintained with a flat file and can integrate with any other 3rd party system
        • Will give list of eBPF programs running on node in JSON format. (multiline)
        • Please review.
    • PR for mTLS
      • Dave Thaler can you approve this?
        • Better to split into two processes
        • Code in the daemon to do the download is overkill
          • Remove from L3AFd?
          • Don't need code for key management, TLS, etc inside L3AFd
        • Jason: we are not going to do cert management in L3AFd
        • Dave: Doc reads as if it is
      • Jason & Santhosh: That is just to log a message
        • It's the Go library that does that.
      • Vicky: Appreciate wording changes before approving
      • Jason and Santhosh: Will reword.
      • Dave: Will approve after rewording.
    • Satya: #28
      • Input most welcome. Still looking into it.
      • Keep Windows check because there are Windows specific files in there.
      • Satya: Will keep the check.
    • Will raise a separate PR for Go lib check
    • Dave: clang format has a config file where you can specify formatting options
  • CodeQL integration #27
    • password in the log...BAD
    • Will raise alerts for the above and other scary stuff
    • Dave: Already approved
  • Dave: Dependabot support and OSF support card also needed
    • Go straight to a PR.
  • LJ: TAC mandates:
    • Process for adding and removing
    • Will email in background to see where we are at?
      • Yes, that would be fine

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