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Santhosh Fernandes Walmart
Daniel Havey Microsoft
Charles Liu Walmart
SHANKAR MALIK University of Delhi
Dhivya R Walmart
Rohith R Walmart
Jay Sheth Walmart
Jason Niesz Walmart
Karan Dalal Walmart
Dave Thaler Microsoft

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi 



  • TSC Meeting Time Adjustment
    • The Daylight Saving Time shift prompted us to re-address the TSC meeting time.
    • The following new times have been proposed:
      • 8am to 9am PDT/8:30pm to 9:30pm IST
      • 9am to 10am PDT/9:30pm/10:30pm IST
      • 9:30am to 10:30am PDT/10pm to 11pm IST
    • A Doodle Poll has been sent to the community on The poll will end on Tuesday 03/28. The new time will take effect with the 03/29 TSC meeting.
    • Next question; should meeting time be locked to PDT in which case the meeting time will shift for non-DST locations, or lock it to UTC in which case the weeting time will shift for locations that have DST.
  • Pull Requests:
    • Update data model to improve chaining enhancements #199
      • Needs reviews
    • Update Code QL into ci workflow #37
      • Need to add Windows
    • l3afd v2.0.0 Project
      • - in progress
      • rate limiting user programs
        • Monitor maps size - use int instead of uint. It's safer.
      • New PR: Chaining with multiple interfaces
        • Need changes to l3afd.cfg as well.
        • Changes need to be synchronized.
      • Incorrect L4 offset for IP packets with Options field
        • Need coverage for this.
        • Please set agenda item

  • Issue discussion/Dev updates
    • L3AF R2
      • Open sourcing of Traffic Mirroring; coordinate media with LFN MAC (Daniel).
        • Timing of blog. coordinate w/Karan. Global-tech site for Walmart and LFN blog
    • L3AFD v2.1
    • L3AF on Windows

  • R2 Release Management readout
    • Outline for progress timeline - next connect.

Action Items

Future Agenda Items