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VM (Vicky) BrasseurWipro
Jason NieszWalmart
Rishabh GuptaWalmart
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Satya PradhanWalmart
Dhivya RWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi

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LFN Induction

  • Board Review and vote- The L3AF project passed the final LFN induction gate with a unanimous approval vote by the LFN Board. We are now officially an LFN project. Congrats to all and great work by everyone!
  • Open issues mandated by the LFN TAC for induction-
    • List of current committers in the repo. the TSC is reviewing the list of current committers and will add to the repo's. Reference:

    • Process for promoting contributors to committers. The TSC is developing a plan and will add to the repo's.
      • Open Github issues for each?
      • Can we close these both out by 03/23 so we can provide a readout on the next LFN TAC meeting?
  • LFN induction approved!
    • Add committers to repo - need list
      • Promoting contributors to committers - need process
    • Vicky: Working on governance. Set up code owners file for governance repo. Permissions issues.
      • Notifications going to wrong email
      • Work on Github issues asynch
    • LJ: TAC mandates
      • Open issues for committers current list, etc already exist.
      • Nominations under way issue 12, 13
    • Vicky: At the level that Wallmart joined LFN they already get someone on the TAC
      • L3AF nomination would give Wallmart 2 on the TAC.
        • Should they fill the first position instead of L3AF nominating a second?
    • LJ: It is a TAC seat and a governing seat.
    • Vicky: from LFN perspective it is not an issue
      • What is best for L3AF as a project.
      • Wallmart should think it through
    • Jason: We don't currently have a TAC rep and didn't know that there was an open seat.
      • We definitely want one.
    • Vicky: Pick Santosh as the Wallmart rep and someone else from L3AF for TAC rep and double team this?
    • Santosh: Will check into this.
    • Jason: Would prefer Santosh to be the L3AF TAC rep.
    • Vicky: Would be very comfortable with Santosh, but Wallmart should think through the politics of the issue.
    • Jason: Will take as an action item. What is best for Wallamrt and for L3AF
    • LJ: Back to TAC conditions for induction?
      • Need something for Mar 23.
      • Need to give a readout. What can we do?
      • Vicky: Halfway there at least.
        • Added committers list and governance.
        • Still working on process.
        • Committers may be set already for other repo., but do not have visibility yet.
        • Code owners file lists people by name who gets to review and who gets to review and merge.
        • Not going to mimic terrible, horrible process
      • LJ: TAC is trying to get the ship steered in the right direction
      • Vicky: Cleaning up existing problems in TAC is a TAC problem, not a L3AF probem
      • Jason: Right now just put contribs directly in file
      • Santhosh: Most of the names are already fixed.
      • Vicky: A shame to duplicate effort, between access and code owners, but at least we have working files.
      • LJ: Next step. What is process for adding/removing to/from code owners list.
        • Vicky: pretty minimal at this point because we are small. No need for large overhead processes.
        • LJ: Yes, lightweight process is good.
      • Vicky: Meeting with Kiran. Questions with getting started with L3AF
        • Repo has not been updated for 2 months.
        • What is the process for updating.
        • Kiran: Raised issues. Was abe to install L3AFd successfully. It was pretty easy.
        • Santhosh: Starting on issues. 
          • Working on: API, cleaning up pipeline checks, PR coming soon.
        • Vicky: Is the work happening internally at Wallmart?
          • Santhosh: Yes, it will be both internal and external
        • Vicky: Can we move all that work into the public?
          • It doesn't look like an OSS project with everting private until going public
          • Santhosh: It is public, but it is forked
            • On a different branch
            • Will be visible when there is a PR
            • Talk about that in the TSC, publish branch ASAP. Future policies and procedures.
        • Santhosh: Will create WIP PR and publish so people can have visibility.
  • Need to start thinking about roadmapping and release planning
  • LJ: L3AFd list is in codeowners doc, arch has a PR.
    • Please close out PR and we can report.
  • Santhosh: Will add names into code owners file
  • KAran: Is there a doc on release planning?
    • Santhosh: Yes, in release-arch
  • Keep in arch?
  • Vicky: Keep everything in one spot as far as doc or move release planning to governance and link?
  • Vicky: should have links to releases. Release process is a different thing.
  • LFN Requirement:
    • Process for adding/removing codeowners and repos
    • Jason: DOn't have process yet,
    • Vicky: In issue #6, Santhosh is nearly ready for PR.
    • Jason: For process of add/remove keep it simple.
      • Just have a TSC vote. As the repos grow we can modify the process to include more complex decision making
    • Vicky: Maybe even just open an issue. Simpler and contains a firm paper trail.
      • Jason: Yeah, that sounds good.
    • LJ: Some kind of metric where number of commits is accounted for before being nominated as a committer.
      • Option based on meritocracy.
    • Vicky: Other contribs besides git history should be considered in the future
      • If you want to qualify to be a committer here is what it would require doc.
      • Career and committer progression doc.
        • This gets heavyweight and we have it doc'ed in an issue, but it is for the future.
      • Jason: agreed, the time isn't right now, but we need this in the future.
        • Shouldn't have strict criteria right now.
      • Vicky: Will write up issue and then we can iterate.
        • Can't unring bell once it has been rung so don't commit to process that locks us in
  • Vicky: Roadmap of tech for next TSC meeting
    • Santhosh: restructure APIs, autoreview workflows, walking though the PR 
    • Vicky: Super helpful for new people looking to contribute.
    • Kiran: Yes, that woul be excellent.
  • LJ: LFIT app for distributing artifacts, bring conversation to larger group?
    • Santhosh: As of last meeting priority given for defining storage.
      • Need Azure blob for artifacts
      • Once we have the store we can build the store
    • LJ: IT ticket is open already.
      • They need ticket to start to evaluate.
    • LJ: Talking about hosting an app which is different from what they are used to.
    • Santhosh: Getting storage may be higher pri then hosting app.
    • Vicky: There is a meeting Wiki page,, where are we coordinating meetings for package repo?
      • Meeting Wiki has no minutes. Is there are recording?
      • Put on community calendar?
      • LJ: Is this recurring
      • Dhivya: Only for 2-4 weeks, can extend.
      • Vicky: Need to get it on community calendar so others can join and contrib as needed.
        • Takes the burden off of you.
    • Karan: Additional participation will be helpful
      • Otherwise we will have to make time on the main call
    • Karan: Now that we are a sandbox project in LFN, do we have access to LFN resources?

Future Agenda Items