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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Jason NieszWalmart
Eric TiceWipro
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
Karan DalalWalmart
Mike Dvorkin
Rishabh GuptaWalmart


Dhivya RWalmart
Christopher Liljenstolpe

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • We are inducted into the LFN!
    • Congratulations everyone!
    • LJ: Need a TAC rep to represent the project on the TAC as a sandbox project. Not a voting seat.
      • Also a MAC Marketing Advisory council to help with PR, media blasts, etc
        • Meet once a month
        • Will have Brian come in and talk about a MAC seat
      • Immediate need is to show progress on condition from TAC.
        • Report back to TAC ASAP.
      • Vicky: open issues to address this. We can form a committee if needed.
      • LJ: Governing board on Mar. 16th. We need to wrap up and respond before then.
        • May not be possible.
      • Vicky: Not sure if that is possible. Haven't looked at the governance repo in a while.
        • Don't know scope of work yet.
      • Dave: Condition was to have specifically the process as to how someone becomes a commiter and who they are.
        • We could get that done by next week.
      • Vicky: We should crib from existing link and modify.
      • Dave: We have similar examples.
      • Vicky: Plenty of examples. Won't need to tweak a lot. FIDO does things a little differently
        • Lot's of projects, just pick one.
      • LJ: Typically a conglomeration depending on the needs of the community.
        • Pick what makes most sense and run with it.
      • Vicky: We will build our own lego set from other documents.
      • Dave: Most relevant for next week: Section Committer life-cycle
      • Jason: Pretty close already
      • Dave: Code owners file needs to have individuals by GitHub ID
        • Code owners file will always match the code owners
        • Package repo doesn't follow that right now.
      • Vicky: I will come up with a draft and send a PR.
      • Dave: Approvers on your PR. Majority of members must approve then it will count as a TSC decision.
      • Karan: Have primary and secondary.
      • Dave: Who are the TSC members? Not resolved.
      • Erik - remove Bala, include me.
      • Karan: Add contrib or code owner file.
        • Would that be you Vicky?
        • Vicky: Yes, happy to do that.
      • Jason: This should be in governance repo so we can track.
      • Vicky: Issue updated.
  • LJ: Please provide pointer when we can get back to the TAC with an update
  • Vicky: Yes, will make some specific guidance to move forward ASAP
  • Vicky: Need job descriptions.
    • Karan: What can a rep expect? Need to discuss in more detail
  • LJ: I can talk to the job description for TAC rep
    • Brandan Wick: Talk for the MAC rep.
    • Set up nomination for TAC and MAC rep.
    • Then vote with OPAvote
    • Vicky: Don't need anything that heavy.
    • Dave: Shared roles across different orgs.
      • Present face of multiple orgs invilved.
    • LJ: Keeping visibility is important.
      • As an OSS project we need these processes
    • Vicky: We need open selection.
      • Votining requires that we have a slate of candidates.
    • Kiran: Job description would really help.
    • Dave: Rep is just a point of contact.
    • Vicky: Show up to the meetings, communicate l3af's point of view.
      • Need standing agenda item to check in with TAC and MAC rep.
      • MAC meets once a month. Responsible to coordinate people on the l3af side to answer TAC or MAC requests.
    • Dave: MAC would do things like PRs, conference attendances, booth staffing, etc.
    • Vicky: We have issi]
    • LJ: MAC:
      • Should have a time period. 2 weeks.
    • Karan: Should be fine.
    • Vicky: Please add your name to the list if you are interested.
    • Vicky: Mailing list is protected. Only MAC members including representatives.
    • Dave: TAC does have a list. Vicky is listed.
    • Vicky: I am?
    • Dave: Yes under Juniper.
    • LJ: Nominations for MAC:
    • Vicky: Do it in the issue. Table is for the approved ones.
      • Issue 12 for TAC and Issue 13 MAC.
    • LJ: login for mailing list.
    • Vicky: Must be on MAC to be on mailing list.
    • Santhosh: Last meeting some review comments for l3afd API
  • Dave: Governance repo stuff needing discussion?
  • Vicky: I can make a proposal.
    • Not ready for discussion yet.
  • Karan: Would help to review offline so that we are ready for next call
  • Jason: Priority is the conditional for the LFN induction. Commotters.
  • Dave: Resolve issue #2
    • LJ: Yes, done with that.
    • Comment in issue before closing.
  • Vicky: issue to set up template repo so new projects can copy and automagically get all this stuff.
    • Github does not look at code owners. Would be nice if it did.
    • Lot's of moving parts.
    • Fix access and perms for repos.
    • TSC member should have access for all projects under l3af
    • Good to do now before we grow too much
  • Dave: Issue #6
  • Vicky: Take a stab at...Stabbing is violent, we shouldn't do that.
    • will put together suggestions and email everyone with summary,

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