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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
VM (Vicky) BrasseurWipro
Satya PradhanWalmart
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Jason NieszWalmart
Balachandra KamatWipro
Dhivya RWalmart
Mike Dvorkin
Eric TiceWipro
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
Meni HillelWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Karan sends regrets (family obligation)
  • Bring L3AF under the LF umbrella
    • Tech advisory council
    • Reached a point with L3AF - have governance, good tech feel for what we are doing
    • Ready for LFN induction
    • Final review of slides
    • Welcome to attend call for tech induction next week (see above for details)
    • Slide review:
      • Any last minute inputs?
      • This is to get us in as a sandbox project.
      • Next phase is incubation (about 1 year)
        • Adoption will help a lot
    • Logistics for TAC review meeting (see above) Mar 9th
      • Vote happens in real time after presentation
  • Santhosh: Secure API
    • Create and manage cert for L3afd API
    • Jason: Use case of why we want to do this
      • Lower latency of control signals going to L3AFd instances
    • Santhosh: Accessing L3AFd APIs from pubilc network
      • L3AFd will only monitor expiration of certs
        • log messages when the cert has expired every 30 days
      • L3AFd will not auto replace the certs, just generate warnings
        • user must get a new cert
      • expose some metrics
        • cert expiration status, etc
      • Token based auth
        • Client user name/pass to get auth token
        • Auth token used for API requests
    • Please review and submit comments
    • Jason: Merge sometime next week and start working on code?
    • Santhosh: Production will need enterprise certs
      • In private by default running on localhost
    • Bala: RBAC based access
    • Santhosh: yes, admins will have privs to change config, users will have view privileges only.
    • Jason: Agree.
    • Vicky: Add as a comment to the PR please.
      • Bala
    • L3AFd on Windows PR open for 2 months
      • Can someone test this and bring up the results so we can merge
      • Jason: This is critical for Windows. Breaking Linux specific sys calls
      • Key timeouts in Windows
      • Can merge with Dave's approval
    • Windows PR
      • Santhosh: Don't have setup on Windows to test this.
      • Dave: Tested that it builds, but don't have an XDP root program for testing
        • What are the licenses on XDP root for Windows?
          • Should I write my own or can I use the existing ones?
        • Preference would be to merge it
        • This is not the end of PRs on Windows
        • Does not break Linux
        • Changes mostly on compiler side
        • Jason: Linux side - good to merger
          • Windows side - could be bugs, but Windows is in dev so we will fix bugs as they show up.
        • Dave: Ran the GitHub tests on Windows
          • Checkout, Build, Go test.
          • Update file to say that it runs on Windows 2019
            • This is a minimal test.
          • Santhosh: Going to add some of the Go stuff
        • Dave: Go ahead and merge and add other stuff on other PRs?
        • Jason: Yes, better to have separate PRs.
      • Santhosh: Check licenses
        • Dave: XDP root - GPL licensed, can we change it to dual with MIT?
          • Should we have a different directiory with the same code that has an MIT or apache license?
        • Santhosh: No, I will dual license this code.
        • Dave: Same for any of the programs, TC, etc.
        • Dave: Okay to merge 13 as is.
          • Next step is CI/CD and dual license
          • Then we can have additional testing using XDP root
        • libbpf version is old
        • Dave: not a blocker. That API is supported on Windows.
      • Ayshri: Are there recordings of a session discussing overall arch and code? For our understanding.
        • Santhosh: has some trainings
          • To set up dev environment: L3AF - trying out L3AFd
          • Vicky: Every meeting recorded with notes publicly available
      • Dev setup timeout issue:
        • repos were private with ssh keys
          • Now they are public and it works without keys
          • Please verify and approve so we can merge
        • Dave: This problem dated from before repos went public
  • Dave: Cloud native eBPF day requests for speaking submitted?
    • Santhosh: yes, 2 were submitted.
    • Dave: 50% more submissions than last year

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