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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
VK Group
Eric TiceWipro
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Rishabh GuptaWalmart
Raga lahariWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • eBPF Package Repository proposal
    • Working on it in different meeting
  • LFN induction
    • Want to have slide deck complete by Feb 23
    • Get to the LFN tech advisory
    • Review March 9(?)
    • March 16 on agenda for approval
    • Discussion around licensing
    • Private repos → public (before 23rd)
      • Flow exporter
      • Other 2 might take longer
    • High level goals for cross-project interaction
    • Project Governance
    • L3AF project scope - needs some cleanup
    • Tech focus
      • Technical merit and fit within the LFN umbrella
        • Cover lower level hooks, network specific use cases that can be achieved
          • Also fits into cross-community colab
      • Governance - on par with where we should be
  • Cloud Native eBPF day
    • Good opportunity to evangelize for the L3AF project
    • L3AF session?
  • Release Process document
    • How do you track releases
    • Versions
    • What is a stable release
    • What about backports?
    • Post-release activities
    • Release tracking will be done through GitHub
    • We can start releases with whatever semantic we decide upon
      • Major.minor.patch
      • No alpha, only numbers
      • Just follow the convention
      • 10-12 week release cycle
    • Stable release
      • Maintenance window for previous release
        • ~6-12 months?
        • Extended maintenance?
      • Need a release manager(?)
    • Backports
      • Bugs in maintenance window
        • Will be decided by L3AF community
        • approval of the release manager(?)
          • What is the responsibility of the release manager?
        • code owners(?)
      • Keep it at the code owners for now
        • Different code owners for areas?
        • Every file has a code owner?
        • Need unanimous agreement.
      • Useful to have a link to a place to say who is the current release manager, code owners
        • How do you do the request?
      • Some projects have list of aliases, some have a single alias, etc.
  • Action items from last meeting
    • Timeout issue
      • have a repo
      • ran through steps
      • updated comments
    • issue should be resolved
    • XDP build steps added
    • code owners added
    • Contrib doc added
    • licensing still open MIT (permissive) instead of GPL (non-permissive)

Action Items

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