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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Dave ThalerMicrosoft
VM (Vicky) BrasseurWipro
Jason NieszWalmart
Kanthi PWalmart
Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Steve LaughmanMicrosoft
Karan DalalWalmart
Satya PradhanWalmart
Eric TiceWipro

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • Developer & Testing Forum (tentative) - March 2022 - A one or two day virual Developer and Testing Forum is being considered for March and focusing on cross-community collaboration (as opposed to project centric).
    • Scope of forum: LFN
    • Dave: Relationship to other orgs
      • Non-LFN event might be wider and gain more attendance.
    • Vicky: Projects associated with L3AF aren't LFN. Does it make sense for L3AF to be LFN?
    • Karan: Probably the eBPF foundation makes sense, but this should be an evolution.
      • L3AF scope is still evolving and growing.
    • Vicky: Makes sense to get going somewhere. LFN is a good starting point and it shouldn't be too difficult to move.
      • Look at other projects in LFN. Can we help them in some way? Do we fit in this ecosystem? Can we contribute?
    • Karan: A couple of projects showed interest, but none have translated to a project yet.
    • Louis: Collaboration points will start shaking out as we go forward.
  • eBPF Package repository proposal 
    • most items that need more discussion put in future version section
      • Set up sub-committee to work on them.
    • Sign off on basic version. Yes.
    • Committee: Santhosh, Karan, Vicky (if time permits), Dave, Daniel, Steve Laughman
  • LFN induction
    • Need community input (link above)
  • L3AFd on Windows
    • It builds!
    • What is the project process, issue triage, etc?
    • Karan: Multiple repos. Assigned owners for respective repos. Issues and PRs were managed by repo owner.
      • Need to update the process by adding reviewers.
    • Jason: Define a set of core code owners and reviewers for different repos
    • Karan: Create versioning and release doc.
    • Dave: PR signed off, what is the rest of the process for merging?
    • Karan: We don't have a versioning doc yet. Generally we get at least 2 before merging.
    • Dave: Distinguish between release and merging a PR.
      • Every PR may not be a release.
      • Use tags for releases. Don't block merging on having a release schedule.
    • Santhosh: Need a release branch where PRs can be merged when the release is done or do we just merge to main?
      • Call out minor and major releases.
    • Dave: Semantic versioning. This is a minor release, has no impact on Linux Binaries
    • Santhosh: create a branch for this and tag as 0.10, then create 0.11 and merge this PR.
      • Thoughts?
      • Karan: Put that into a 1-pager.
        • Wallmart wants to deploy directly from the repo
      • Dave: Usually enterprises have their own private fork for deployment
      • Karan: Would like to start with direct deployment and migrate later.
      • Dave: If you have a vulnerability, you can put a fix in without having to put it in the public repo.
      • Karan: Schedule for next meeting.
      • Dave: In production, run a fork identical to upstream, but may have Azure specific tests. Things like that.
        • Things that are embargoed. General public cannot view. Cannot be put into public repo yet.
      • Vicky: This allow us to avoid kerfluffles. Best security practice. Allows you to do enterprise specific stuff
    • L3AFd
      • Dave: Tests are scant, but they do pass. Should beef up in the future.
        • Windows does not support TC at this time.
        • Supports XDP. License for XDP in l3afd is GPL2
          • Change to GPL2 or MIT? Allows wider use than Linux?
        • Does the XDP have to be GPL2 only?
        • This should apply to all public repos for L3AFd.
      • Vicky: Add in PR?
      • Santhosh: We (Wallmart) will look into it and get back to L3AFp on this.
      • Karan: Is this legal or charter change?
        • Dave: Do not believe it requires a charter change.
        • Vicky: Owner of copyright can define licensing. Talk: Introduction to licensing.
          • This means Wallmart will have to decide licensing.
        • Karan: Thought we gave away copyright with the charter.
        • Dave: Nope, you gave up IP, but Wallmart retains copyright.
    • Document issues
      • Comes with make file, but you can't just type make.
      • UM app program depends on bpf, but calls setlink which is depricated.
        • Generates warning, should be updated.
      • Windows supports non-deprecated API only.
        • But we could support deprecated
    • Repo - sample dev environment using virtual box does not work. Timeout issues.
      • Can run L3AFd without this for testing.
    • Next step - get XDP-root working on Windows
      • Windows uses self hosted runner for CI/CD.
  • Charter
    • Karan: has Apache2 or GPL2 or BSD
    • Dave: If you have code that runs in Linux/Windows then this is too restrictive.
    • Vicky: Look into having L3AF governance to make these changes/discussions done there.
    • Louis: Can help with this by bringing charter changes to LFN legal team.

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