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Dave Thaler Microsoft
Jason Niesz Walmart
Santhosh Fernandes Walmart
Charles Liu walmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy

  • Meeting note taker

  • Welcome to new attendees

  • Website ( Updates
  • February D&TF - virtual. Feb 13 to Feb 16
  • Updated weekly TSC meeting bridge
  • L3AF Wiki Cleanup
  • General Topics (cover as needed)

    • Use Cases

    • Roadmap


  • February D&TF - virtual. Feb 13 to Feb 16
    • Developer & Testing Forums are by the Technical Communities and for the Technical Communities. It is an important tool that, among other benefits, help promote cross-community awareness, collaboration, and participation.
    • Potential Topics-
      • L3AF R1 overview, deep dive, demo
      • L3AF for Windows- off the table
      • Vision for eBPF Program Marketplace - off the table
    • Deadline for submmiting topics is 01/31

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