Monitoring Framework

Monitoring of EMCO Microservices with Prometheus and Grafana. Add framework in EMCO that can be used by all the microservices in EMCO. Add error related metrics.

Tracing for Core Components

Enable tracing of HTTP requests from ingress gateway to core EMCO microservices, i.e., orchestrator, rsync, clm and dcm.

Create experience kit with Logging, Persistence

Create an experience kit that provides a reference stack for EMCO logging, such as EFK  and cluster-wide storage based on NFS.

Resiliency - Recovery from crashes

Validate and fix issues 

Design and document SGX Support in EMCO for CA Cert manager and also application private key security automation using SGX (Example Keys used by Istio controller). Proof of concept implementation.

Design and document support for applications that are not instantiated by EMCO. Create POC and demo.

Define API's for outbound connection support in DTC. POC for DTC and Istio Sub-controller for EMCO managed applications to communicate with applications outside of EMCO managed clusters.

GitOps Support Enhancements

  1. Support for Git Server in EMCO 
  2. Anthos logical cloud support 

After the application is instantiation by EMCO, some applications require application specific configurations. CR based configurations support. Code complete in 22.06. Testing, code reviews, etc.

Enhance API to support instantiating of workflow client and workers from TAC intents. Test Azure IOT use case with Temporal Action Controller. Updates/additions of more functionality to support various use cases.

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