This page is to provide the OSN User Group organizers the resources they need to run an effective local user group with regular and productive meetups. If you’d like to learn more about the OSN User Groups, see the OSN User Groups web page here and the OSN Meetup account hereOur network is now up to over 30 groups in 20 countries with over 8,000 group members! Thank you to all our organizers who have made the users groups program what it is today. We want you to continue to be successful and are providing new resources to help you hold great meetups. Please address any questions to osnug (at) linuxfoundation (dot) org.

Under LF Networking, we’re covering even more of the open source networking stack and creating new opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and innovation across the open networking stack and the many integration points between them. We’re encouraging organizers to hold between 2-4 events a year that cover multiple open source networking projects as well as meet both the needs and interests of local members. If you would like suggestions for speakers/topics, please email the mailing list or Brandon.

Upcoming OSN User Group Meetups

You can see a list of upcoming meetups on the Open Source Networking Meetup account and the Linux Foundation’s Networking Events Calendar here. Please flag us when you post your event on

Organizer Resources