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45m, Guillaume Lambert

open talk about the current release process

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self-managed and managed projects pros and cons: Robert Varga the difference is pretty historical. It mostly works like MRI and MSI today. People need to sync on IRC. It tooks around 14hours to complete; It led to lots of bugs. As a reaction, autorelease was created. Someone at LF has to trigger the job to publish artifacts. If you were part of autorelease, you had to fulfil some requirements and you didn't have to worry about the details of the release management steps (branch locks/ branch cut etc). The situation on the ground is quite different now. Historically it concerned MSI projects. Autorelease validation is needed if a new patch does break anything. Now with MRI, there are no more references to snapshot that led to buggy dependencies without control. Odlparent first, then yangtools, etc one project at a time. Kernel projects are now all MRI. 6 or 7 MSI projects today, essentially legacy projects or projects without active committers that still work.

questions from Anil Belur about projects that can be removed from autorelease. Discussion about how to better automate the management of the other steps. This needs to be sketched out and can be a priority. May be related to JJB towards blue-ocean / pipelines migration.
Action point: start a project proposal -like wiki page

Release rebranding survey: Robert Varga decision was taken but we did not roll out to documentation etc - there is work to be done

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