Proposed Videos & Scheduling:

Note that this has evolved from the last meeting in December. 

Final order dependent on flow based on final recordings.


Deep-dive presentations: (10-12 minutes)Outreach Made?Confirmed?Sent Follow Up Email w/ instructions?Scheduled Date of Recording?Video Complete?EmailsNotes
Welcome, overview, merger background, brand story, High level vision: HeatherYesYesYes9/25, 9:00 AM 
Operator-focused Business Drivers: Beth + other operatorYes?NoNo9/21, 8:00 AM PTYes


Beth and Vincent have confirmed and William has volunteered.
Technical Project Deep Dive (Nick to help with deck): Georg and GergelyYesYesYesNAYes

Georg and Gergely have confirmed and Nick will advise on slides.
Mid-length Group Perspective Videos (5-6 minutes)

Pan Community Group 1  


YesYesYes9/20, 6:00 AM PTYes

Fu Qiao (

Trevor Cooper (

Mark Bierel (

Pierre Lynch (

Pan Community Group 2 



9/22, 5:00 AM PTYes

Uli Klueber (

Cedric Olivier (

Lincoln Lavoie (

Tomas Fredberg (

Pan Community Group 3



9/25, 6:00 AM PTYes

Tom Kivlin (

Emma Foley (

Sridhar Rao (

TSC Chairs Perspective: Al and WalterYesYesYesDoing Videos on their own.

Yes (both)

Board sponsors: Jonne and Vincent and Dr. Feng 

YesYesYes9/21, 9:00 PM PT

Yes - Jonne

Vincent - Yes

Dr Feng - Yes

3 separate videos. 
Interview: Arpit + Mr. DuanYesNoNoTBDTBD

Mr. Duan (can work through Fu Qiao:

Added this one after the call with China Mobile. Do this one post-launch.
Industry Analyst Perspective: Caroline Chappell, Analysis MasonYesYesNo9/21, 9:00 - 10:00 AM
Short high-level exec endorsements (30-60 sec)

Andre Fuetsch

YesYesYesTBDYesAndre Email? Work through Scot Steele: SS8171@att.comAndre sending in a video.

Chris Price
Sandra,  work with Bob bob.monkman@intel.comSandra sending in a video.
Mr. DuanYesYesYesTBDNoMr. Duan (can work through Fu Qiao: submit by tomorrow.

Stéphane Demartis

YesYesNoTBDYesWork through Vincent: & William. Speaker TBD.

Proposed Event Agenda:

Time SlotSpeakerRunning Length / Notes

Intro Music / Graphic:10

Introduction: Heather Kirksey, VP of Ecosystem & Community, Linux Foundation10:18

Exec Video: Sandra Rivera, EVP & Chief People Officer, Intel1:04

Anuket TSC Co-Chair: Al Morton, Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T


Anuket TSC Co-Chair: Walter Kozlowski, Principal, Cloud Infrastructure Architecture, Telstra 1:54

Anuket Community Video 1: Fu Qiao, Project Manager, China Mobile; Trevor Cooper, Principal Engineer, Intel; Mark Beierl, Software Engineer, Canonical; Pierre Lynch, Lead Technologies, Keysight Technologies7:47

Board Sponsors: Dr Junlan Feng, Chief Scientist & GM of AI and Intelligent Operation R&D Center, China Mobile3:14

Board Sponsors: Vincent Danno, Director, Broadband, Virtualisation, Strategy, Architecture, Standards, Orange1:54

Heather Interspatial 1:37

Operator Perspective: Anuket Business Value:  Beth Cohen, Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon & William Diego, Open Source Manager, Orange9:51

Heather Interspatial 2:35

Analyst Video: Caroline Chappell, Research Director, Analysys Mason6:04

Board Sponsors: Jonne Soininen, Head of Open Source Initiatives, Nokia1:41

Anuket Community Video 2: Uli Kleber, Chief Engineer Standardisation, Huawei; Cedric Ollivier, Network Automation Expert, Orange; Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer, InterOperability Laboratory, UNH; Tomas Fredberg, Chief Architect, Ericsson


Exec Video: Stéphane Demartis, VP, Cloud Infrastructure, Orange Labs :48

Heather Interspatial 3

Anuket Technical Project Deep Dive: Georg Kunz, Cloud Open Source Coordinator; Gergely Csatári, Senior Specialist, Open Source, Nokia19:26

Mr. Duan, Vice General Manager of China Mobile Research InstituteTBD

Exec Video: Priyanka Sharma, Executive Director, CNCFTBD

Anuket Community Video 3: Tom Kivlin, Principle Cloud Orchestration Architect, Cloud Centre of Excellence, Vodafone; 

Emma Foley, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat; Sridhar Rao, Solutions Architect, Spirent


Exec Video: Chris Price, President, Ericsson Software TechnologyTBD

Exec Video: Andre Fuetsch, President and Chief Technology Officer, AT&T Labs:59 EDIT: Cut first few seconds off the beginning.

Closing: Heather Kirksey, VP of Ecosystem & Community, Linux Foundation2:49

Outro Music / Graphic:10

Ahead of launch:

At launch (Jan. 27):