This page is for DISCSSION and DRAFTING of proposals for Anuket org and deliverables

Bin list of opens raised in discussions (not limited to specific proposals)

  1. How to structure Anuket repos
  2. Handling variations of an RA
  3. Release topics e.g. frequency, artifacts, process (planning → release), dependencies, etc.  
  4. ?

Anuket Org Structure

A diagram representing Anuket org and relationships with other entities is shown below and likely to evolve. This is a high level picture to help clarify how Anuket will be organized and some relationships deemed important. Many details re. process and artifacts still need to be decided to allow the projects (specifications, implementations, conformance) to deliver on Anuket objectives. 

  1. Original strawperson presented in 2020-10-22 Meeting NotesAnuket Strawman Top level Structure v0.2.pptx
  2. Updated and presented in 2020-10-29 Meeting Minutes - Anuket Strawman Top level Structure v0.5
  3. Updated after meeting discussion  Meld Ops and Org 2020-11-12 Meeting notes - Anuket Strawman Top level Structure v0.6.pptx
  4. Updated after meeting 12/10/2020Anuket Strawman Top level Structure v0.7.pptx (show feedback loop between spec projects and conformance projects, remove backlog management from TSC work intake)

Consensus points:

Anuket Deliverables

What Anuket delivers as an RM


What Anuket delivers as an RA


What Anuket delivers as an RI

The RI is a known (good) instantiation of the RA

Number of RIs

Key question - should there be only one RI?

RI Artifacts

An RI is a set of artifacts (delivered continuously or with a release) that allows anybody to instantiate an implementation (hardware and software) that conforms to the Anuket RM and RA specifications


What Anuket delivers as an RC

RC Artifacts

RC is a full artifact of an Anuket release, its not just used to pass a gate for getting to the release

RC release artifacts to include

RC Dependencies

An RI is dependent on an RC

An RC is not dependent on  an RI

When developing the RC we must take vendor implementations into account

RC tests must be traceable to RM and/or RA related requirements

RCs must have independent lifecycles and can't be conditional (i.e. 1-to-1 mapping between RC and RA) 

VNF/CNF Conformance

The main focus of Anuket with respect to VNF/CNFs are infrastructure interop aspects e.g. how the VNF/CNF consumes infrastructure resources. 

VNF/CNF aspects such as onboarding, "cloud-nativeness", performance etc. are out of scope.

Infrastructure Performance

Performance was initially considered beyond the of scope of CNTT specifications. Strong feedback from SPs suggests that industry agreed methods and tools for measurement of quantitative aspects are required for evaluating and comparing Cloud infrastructure offerings as well as for planning of deployments that are informed by RM/RA specifications. For this reason we envisage RC to undertake performance related work such as benchmarking.