"Engineering to Bridge....."

Let's make sure this technical team can boldly take us where no telecom has ever gone before!


This task force will focus on the operational aspects of ensuring that the new organization can function successfully as we launch.

Scope: Operation and tooling aspects including converged workspace, release processes, OVP engagement plan, 2021 planning

Willing Sacrifices (I mean volunteers)

  1. Lincoln Lavoie
  2. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  3. Georg Kunz
  4. Ulrich Kleber
  5. sunku ranganath (Intel)
  6.  Zhiqiang Yu (China Mobile)
  7. Jie Hu (ZTE)
  8. ChangJin Wang (ZTE)
  9. Ahmed ElSawaf
  10. Phil Robb
  11. Beth Cohen (Verizon)