Topic: Meld Taskforce Teams Kick off
Date: Sep 18, 2020 05:56 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:


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Marketing TF Homepage






Discussion items

5 MinMeld Project Goals and Objectives
  • A Merger/Re-imagining of equal partners to create a combined organization that:
    • Enables Operators and Suppliers have a voice in the common Cloud platform design
    • Ensures alignment between Architecture/requirements work and Engineering work
    • Creates a sustainable resource model for organization's work
    • Facilitates Broad influence with other industry groups
    • Enables broad adoption and deployment

(Taken from the FMO Decision Principles presented to the GB)

10 MinOversight Committee Introduction, Purpose and Scope 

10 MinTask Force Scope Statements

The Marketing Task Force

Scope: Branding, Communications, and website development. Includes Mission Statement, value proposition, and pitch decks.

Organization and Governance Task Force

Scope: Organizational and TSC structure, technical charter, legal team engagement, and operating procedures

Technical Debt and TSC Task Force

Scope: Operational requirements for the merger including converged workspace, release processes, OVP engagement plan, 2021 planning

 5 Min
  • Wiki Overview
  • Git Hub repository for collaboration

  • Jim/Scot to do short overview on the tools available for collaboration
  • Task Forces are enabled to use which tool they prefer
10 MinTask List Action items for this week
  • Define task force leaders
  • Task Force Mentors to facilitate task force start up Week of
  • Call for organizational Structure proposals
10 MinTrust & Team building ExerciseScot Steele
  • Why we are doing this?
  • Home work review
  • Forum Session  Time to be determined
5 MinQuestionsAll


Goals and Objectives Review by Heather Kirksey.  See the bullets in the Agenda

OC discussion:

Task Forces Discussion:


Action Items:

T&T building

Walter Kozlowski Expressed concern about the balance between CNTT and OPFNV participants

Action items