All members are encouraged to contribute directly into this working draft.  See also the OVP 2.0 Technical Ideas page


The LFN OPNFV Verification Program Phase 2 (OVP 2.0) is an open source, community-led compliance and verification program to promote, enable, and evolve a thriving ecosystem of cloud-native telecoms where Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs) from different vendors can inter-operate and run on the same immutable infrastructure.  It includes CNF compliance and verification testing based on requirements and best practices put forth by both the CNCF and CNTT.  These requirements feed tool-sets and testing scripts developed within OPNFV, ONAP and CNCF communities.


An end to end set of compliance/conformance tests and testing toolchain for independently verified Cloud Native Functions for use in Telco environments.

Who are participating?

Linux Foundation Networking

Common NFVI Telco Taskforce (CNTT)

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

5G Cloud Native Network Demo (Brandon Wick)

How to engage

  1. Join the mailing list:
  2. Subscribe to the calendar for the meetings:
  3. Engage in the discussions at the weekly meetings
  4. Share your ideas on these wiki pages and comment sections at the bottom of every page

What is the Minimum Viable Program

The end state vision is spelled out above and since it is likely a multi-year endeavor, what can we do this year to chart the direction and set in motion the program that achieves the vision?

First, the envisioned process is diagrammed below:

E2E CNF Conformance Cycle 

In the below diagram the “?” indicate processes that need definition and refinement for the differing execution environment of OVP Phase 2.

Categories of Conformance:

MVP proposal

Not every thing can be tackled in the MVP, here are two elements that can be tackled for MVP.  

What needs to happen/Decided on:

Workstreams Proposal (see OVP 2.0 Workstreams)


Immediate tasks and AIs:

  1. Identify cloud infrastructure installation tools.
  2. Identify Labs for testing and human resources who will manage the labs (in addition to the testers)
  3. Identify projects to develop test scripts and tools to perform Cloud infrastructure functional testing and agree on scope.
  4. Agree on scope of CNF Onboarding testing.
  5. Identify projects to develop test scripts and tools to perform CNF testing and agree on scope.
  6. Agree on CVC portal.

OLD: Workstreams Proposal

Development/Lab environment [Primary Owner OPNFV+CNTT] - What are the lab resources for hosting configurations for developing the NVFI and running on-going CI/CD verification tests? How can a “Lab as a Service” (LaaS) be instantiated for CNF/NFVI testing, development, and validation efforts? Does the CNCF TestBed meet the needs?

Test Tooling/Test Suite Development Based on Above Categories [Primary Owner:  OPNFV]: Understand dependencies and what can be parallel processed. Also, what is the overall program test framework (e.g., Dovetail or something similar) that can plug in tests from projects and communities….

CVC portal [Primary Owner: CVC] - Define the UI for consumers of the CVC and on-ramp for producers of NFVIs and CNFs to publish their successful validation process results? How to the CNF compliance tests (CNCF) figure into the telco focused OVPp2 process? 

Governance/Structure/Mktg Framework [Primary Owner: CVC] - Includes 3rd party labs, white papers, slide decks. With input from MAC