X-Project Track

  • Lessons Learned: Integration, From the Cradle to the Stage
  • Cross Community Infra/CICD
  • LFN Compliance/Verification Governance 
  • Build Once Use Many : A Comprehensive Approach to API Validation and collaboration for all stakeholders
  • Harmonizing documentation across LFN 
  • Re-using OPNFV framework tests for LFN projects 

SDO Track

  • Collaboration between Open Source (ONAP) and SDO for SDN/NFV modeling/API 
  • ETSI NFV & LFN collaboration - Functionality, API 
  • ETSI NFV & LFN collaboration - VNF Package, VNF Descriptors 
  • IETF & LFN projects coordination 

Containers/Cloud Native Track 

Use Cases & Misc.Track

  • Telecom Service providers PoCs leanings from ONAP Policy Engine with AI/ML predictive inputs
  • Experience sharing: the national experiment network for NFV testing in China Mobile
  • Early Insights from ONAP/OPNFV Cross-Community Collaboration PoC
  • CORD and ONAP Integration
  • Disaggregated HW Lightning - dNOS

fd.io Mini Summit

Materials are posted at https://wiki.fd.io/view/Presentations 

OpenDaylight Breakout

ONAP Breakout

Materials are posted at ONAP Project Specific Breakouts 

OPNFV Breakout

Materials are posted at OPNFV Breakout at LFN Developer Forum