Program Overview

The LF Networking (LFN) intern/mentorship program is aimed at creating a structured hands-on learning opportunity for new developers who may otherwise lack the opportunity to gain exposure to open source software development and entry to the LFN projects' technical communities. It also provides a more defined path for LFN projects to connect with the next generation of student developers to inject more talent into their developer base. Each mentee will apply and be matched with a mentor or mentors who are active developers and technologiests contributing to the industry's leading open source networking projects such as ONAP, Anuket, OpenDaylight, Each mentee will work remotely from his/her location of choice. Regular evaluation and feedback will be provided. Mentees who have done outstanding work may have the opportunity to travel to an LFN conference/event to meet their peers and mentors face-to-face and to present their work to the broader community.

Potential Benefits for Student Mentees

Potential Benefits for LFN Projects

Mentee Stipends 

Mentees will be eligible to receive a stipend. The total stipend amount will be calculated using a tiered structure based on the country where the mentee resides when participating in the program. The stipend will be paid in several installments provided that regular interval evaluations show the intern is making satisfactory progress. The final installment will be paid upon successful project completion.

Travel Funding

Mentees who have done an outstanding work may be invited and be provided travel funding by LFN to attend a technical event and present their work to the broader community.

Travel funding is subject to restrictions based on COVID and other geopolitics outside of the Linux Foundation's control.


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