David McBrideKenny PaulRobert VargaAndrewDan Timoney


  • London release vs ODL roadmap reconciliation
    • London M3 is scheduled for March 2
    • Final checkpoint for Argon is Feb 23
    • ODL Argon formal release is March 16 
    • ODL Release sched:
    • ONAP London sched:
    • Integration strategy:
      • Begin with ODL Chlorine (initial release this week)
      • Depending on the ease of integration with Chlorine, we may consider moving to Argon by London M3
    • ONAP integration tasks for ODL
      • Update to Java 17
      • ODL REST API
        • Start by getting a clean compile with Sulphur, then Chlorine
  • ODL REST API code move to ONAP

Action items

  •  David McBrideadd ODL REST API code transition vote to Oct 20 TSC meeting
  • David McBride reach out to Magnus to see if he has any concerns about code transition