Casey Cain David McBride Robert Varga Dan TimoneyJavier Errea


Discussion around release timing.

#Agreed that it makes sense to use the Chlorine release for ONAP Kohn release.  Fall back is to use Sulfur if migration to Chlorine, including major changes to RESTCONF, are not feasible within the Kohn schedule, given available resources.


  1. Internal (CCSDK/SDNC) migration to Sulfur before Kohn kickoff (date ?)
  2. ODL RC (Chlorine) sufficient for ONAP needs should be available approximately  
  3. Meet again on April 19 to discuss progress

Robert Varga noted that Chlorine will only have RFC 8040 (Old RESTCONF is going away.  Is being marked as deprecated in Sulfur)  This will have repercussions for ONAP.  Robert continued to suggest that if ONAP couldn't make the jump to Chlorine, Sulfur is still an acceptable candidate for adoption.

Action items

  • Dan Timoney to raise issue regarding changes to RESTCONF in ODL Sulfur release with Chaker Al-Hakim in the ONAP arch subcommittee. 

Meeting Recording