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LF Staff: Jim BakerKenny PaulHeather Kirksey
Committee Members: Lei HuangRandy LevensalorLIN MENGMassimo BanziKen KANISHIMA,  Scott Blandford Kodi Atuchukwu  @HJ Han



Research survey on cloud native maturity for telecom

  • Heather Kirksey reviewed a third party research plan on the "Cloud Native Maturity Model" Analysys Mason EUAG.pptx
  • Caroline Chappell will be reaching out to many EUAG members that sign-up directly for input.

AI/ML data and model sharing project status

  • Insufficient interest in the operator and vendor community for continued project focus
  • CSP/vendors are welcome to add ideas to
  • Foundational data model is the key to open collaboration @HJ Han 
  • Massimo Banzi mentioned that Huawei has done some work in this area - "catalyst" effort = POC -  on network intelligence and machine learning. Focus was to demonstrate functionality that could be practically applied.  TM Forum sponsored.
  • @HJ Han sometimes what is demonstrated is not what people are actually doing.

Synchronization of NFV testing white paper and webinar

  • Published initial NFV white paper at the end of March
  • Thanks to Beth & Randy & Lei for a great webinar
  • Community contributions made the white paper a complete perspective of the NFV testing topic
  • Future white papers: 5G SDN adoption

End user requirements in Anuket

  • EUAG participants cover a very broad range of networking topics
  • EUAG would provide another set of eyes to review the conformance testing objectives of Anuket releases
  • Randy Levensalor should include K8s - but many features are in beta/early development phases
  • Hardware acceleration (eg. FGPAs) is one area that could use some attention
    • FPGAs - No common programming language 
    • Smart NICs - largely testing well
    • Interop testing of acceleration is under-tested - Anuket Reference Model - has started to pick up HW acceleration
  • VSperf is broadening a bit - unsure if that is covered or still a gap
  • ODIM also investigating how to uniformly report on acceleration facilities
  • Lei Huang How to better work with Anuket?
    • ONAP priorities get input from EUAG. Input to Anuket is currently loosely connected via common participants
    • Perhaps a joint meeting with Anuket TSC and EUAG at June virtual event as the next step in getting stronger collaboration between Anuket/EUAG
  • Heather Kirkseygave an overview of Anuket
    • @HJ Han discussion of inclusion of ODL in the graphic

Action items

  • Investigate moving the EUAG meeting to 1400 Tuesday with Anuket TSC Jim Baker
  • Investigate the base foundational data model for network elements as a basis of AI/ML data model sharing @HJ Han 
  • Approach Huawei to see if we can leverage the Catalyst work on AI/ML Massimo Banzi