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  • Launch Event
  • Slide Decks
  • Launch Quotes
  • Website
  • Anuket Recruiting
  • OVP Branding Evolution

Launch Event

Revised Speaker Line Up (Heather) See the new Launch Event Page: 

Slide Decks

New PPT Slide Template Available here:

Decks Required:

  • Welcome Deck
  • Operator / Biz Deck
  • Project / Technical Deck
  • Press Deck
  • Master Pitch Deck (a combo of all) ONGOING

Launch Quotes

Quotes needed for:

  • Press Release
    • What's the attention grabber?
  • Website
  • Slide Decks

Bob is leading the outreach to key community members / executives for supporting quotes. Currently have 2 quotes: Beth and Al.

Adding quotes as they come in to this shared doc: 


Being built now

Will provide word doc for copy review editing

Anuket Recruiting

  • Make recruiting a project priority for 2021
  • Enlist Anuket participant help to Cross-promote Launch
  • We should leverage the launch of Anuket to kickstart a new project recruitment effort (Operator Deck Business Value Prop)
  • Hold an Anuket AMA (ask me anything) at the February Tech Event (Promote during launch)
  • Welcome any and all Anuket questions at the new email alias
  • Review Anuket Registrations for 1:1 to develop target list (e.g. Tier 2 telcos)
  • Review target list within Anuket participants to identify further contacts/relationships
  • Reach out to target with offer of one 60 minute exploratory call with Heather, Mike Woster, and 1 Service Provider participant volunteer
  • Phase 2: Further integrate Anuket into OVP and LFN Landscape, e.g. Infra, VNF, Labs, CNF badges (Reqs badge?)

OVP Brand Evolution

Need to enlist the Anuket MWG to develop a position on OVP Brand Evolution. Post Launch, OPNFV brand will be largely defunct. Need a proposal for the community to respond to. 

Initial Recommendation: Translate OVP into AVP (and build other project/org support (e.g. ONAP, CNCF, GSMA) into supporting messaging.

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