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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Overview

Discussion on ODL Micro changes done in Aluminium, backlog items, immediate set of priorities, call for developer participation

Slides & Recording


  •       discussion on Shell commands in ODL Micro 
  •      Tejas Nevrekar mentions that we are planning to use API support to modify logging (REST API)
  •      VenkataSatya Jonnadulamentions that individual packages for features being considered, i.e. karaf feature to a odlmicro package that can be deployed
  •        Robert Vargamentions that the comparison is not a valid comparison because of the limited functinality in odlmicro (no support for CDS)
  •       Question from participant on whether ODL has any plans for unifying the projects, Response from Robert Vargawill take up in the ODL use cases sessions later 
  •       Suggestion from Manoj Chokka to use consul(Kubernetes) to solve stickiness problem, will be discussed further in the weekly call.

Action Items

  • Venkatrangan      No Analysis of Heap was done while the performance test was done, It has to be fixed for the next presentation
  • Venkatrangan  Need to check the reason for the netconf-max-scale job stopping at 1600 devices