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Attendees: Jonne Soininen Bob Monkman Al Morton Jim Baker


  • T&T Homework
  • Discuss path forward, Task force kick offs

Discussion items

5 MinOverview of Trust and Team building program

Forum Session Friday 9-25 fro All OC/TF members

5 minOrg/Gov TF read out

Past week Accomplishments

  • TF membership completed
  • Call for Org Structure proposals

Next Actions

  • Initial Meeting to occur on 9/24
  • Select POC/Lead
  • Discussion on org structure and charter definition
  • GitHub Doc repository


  • None

5 MinOperations/TSC
  • Past week Accomplishments
    • Email lists created 
  • Next Actions
    • Kick off  
    • Solicit a leadership volunteer
  • Blockers

5 MinMarketing
  • Past week Accomplishments
    • Creative brief created
    • Branding white board
  • Next Actions
    • Pick a few choice for names and get legal review, prior to community sharing
    • Get name review on TSC agendas
  • Blockers
5 MinOpen DiscussionAll


  • Marketing working on naming in creative brief 

Action items 


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