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The Governing Board of LFN has established the End User Advisory Group to assist and support LFN.  The LFN-EUAG is made of individuals from end-user organizations, including telecommunications carriers, cable operators, network, application, compute or storage service providers.

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Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday,  June 16th, 2020, 1500 UTC 

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+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
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Meeting ID: 100 882 564
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  • Release G priority discussion deck Atul Purohit

    • Step 1 : Create an XLS from requirements that we have received so far
    • Step 2 : Do a correlation activity between received requirements  and what has been proposed on release G pages in Confluence
    • Step 3 : We need to track the commitment for each requirements and mark in against the requirements in EUAG requirements priority xls
  • Is there EUAG BEYOND ONAP? Jim Baker
    • I've had community members asking me if the advisory group advises anything other than ONAP?
    • What does it take to move beyond ONAP? 
  • AOB

Future Topics

Open Issues

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Distribute the survey to the EUAG membership Jim Baker  
18 Jan 2020Jim BakerEUAG 2020-01-14 Meeting notes
  • Aggregate/anonymous results sharing Jim Baker  
29 Jan 2020Jim BakerEUAG 2020-01-14 Meeting notes
  • Atul Purohit  Clarify the timeline for Rel G priorities  
28 Feb 2020Atul PurohitEUAG 2020-02-25 Meeting notes
  • Scott Blandford will send out AT&T's response to the ONAP Rel G priorities  
28 Feb 2020Scott BlandfordEUAG 2020-02-25 Meeting notes
  • Update and re-distribute the Rel G priority Atul Purohit 
10 Apr 2020Atul PurohitEUAG 2020-04-07 Meeting notes
  • Ryan to review the EUAG recommends sections and suggest specific edits   
08 May 2020 EUAG 2020-05-05 Meeting notes
  • Atul/Ryan craft a conclusions section  
08 May 2020 EUAG 2020-05-05 Meeting notes
  • Ryan to provide some specific recommendations for streamlining WP  
08 May 2020 EUAG 2020-05-05 Meeting notes
  • Lei Huang Javier Ger Revise the requirements proposal to show existing process and new process contrast  
28 Jul 2020Lei HuangEUAG 2020-07-14 Meeting notes
  • Jim Baker Create a survey for determining the 5G white paper topic with results by  
11 Aug 2020Jim BakerEUAG 2020-07-28 Meeting notes
  • Jim Baker  Will communicate the outreach activities to the EUAG before  
11 Aug 2020Jim BakerEUAG 2020-07-28 Meeting notes
Jim BakerEUAG 2020-08-25 Meeting notes
  • Ahmed El Sawaf to produce a survey on SDN features and use cases - with focus on ODL
Ahmed El SawafEUAG 2020-08-25 Meeting notes
  • Lei Huang Javier Ger Please review and summarize which of the requirements made it into ONAP Guilin and which will be carried forward to a future release; Compare spreadsheet to ONAP Guilin requirement candidate list  (spreadsheet to Jira numbers)
Lei HuangEUAG 2020-06-16 Meeting notes
Atul PurohitEUAG 2020-06-16 Meeting notes
  • Jim Baker  to help coordinate a set of project summaries from the project technical leads in the EUAG
Jim BakerEUAG 2020-06-16 Meeting notes
  • Lei Huang to publish a email stating purpose and asking for response
Lei HuangEUAG 2020-06-02 Meeting notes
  • Lei Huang Javier Ger Contact ONAP TSC with priorities for Rel G and create mapping of EUAG priorities and mapping to plans
Lei HuangEUAG 2020-06-02 Meeting notes
  • Rabi Abdel to develop one -two slide summary around CNTT positioning. 
Rabi AbdelEUAG 2019-11-19 Meeting notes

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