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Q: What has the LFN done well and not so well since it's founding?

Q: Jonne Soininen - Question to the community: what could the Board, TAC, etc do better with regards to collaboration?

  • Ranny Haiby  perspective is that communities are too busy working on their own deliverables to be very motivated actually invent time and energy in cross collaboration.

Q:  What areas of project growth do you see?

A: Arpit Joshipura cloud native is of course a big one.  Starting to see a focus on infrastructure; addressing gaps in tools and PaaS. xgVela and ODIM are examples of things in the pipeline.  Given where we are as a global team, 5G, edge and IoT are all being accelerated by the pandemic.

 Q: Arpit Joshipura any discussions this week that you feel needs the GB's attention?

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Q: Expected a more rapid adoption of ONAP than we've seen what are the thoughts on that?

  • A: Arpit Joshipura latest release most comprehensive and there are a number of operators that are using ONAP.  (please see the press deck) 
  • Jonne Soininen  it has been challenging to measure adoption.  There may be silent adoption of software components that we will never know about.   Similar situation is seen in ODL.   Looking at contribution stats for a project is probably the biggest measure.   Insuring that companies also contribute resources for non-interesting requirements in addition to new features
  • Arpit Joshipura  shared a slide from the press deck

Q: vendors need information to justify their engagement in the process. Is there any way to get visibility into additional data. 

 Q: trying to build xgVela - there was a presentation this week to build awareness of the new project.  CNTT has lots of visibility. How does the LFN do the same for xgVela?

  • Arpit Joshipura  The LF helps facilitate communities , but in a neutral fashion. The communities will 
  • Heather Kirksey assumming that the question results from from the xgvela session this week- questions in the session were raised around deliverables and the integration points.  The discussion that is taking place is both expected and a good thing.
  • Jonne Soininen process wise there is an induction process to be followed regardless of who "sponsors" a new project
  • Jason Hunt ensuring that a new project is open and well socialized is very important to ensure that things go smoothly when the proposal is presented to the TAC for review.

Q: Arpit Joshipura how have the sessions been?

  • Ranny Haiby think the sessions attended have been better aligned with expectations and content. We are learning (smile)
  • Jonne Soininen definately learning, can probably do more virtual events, but as we eventually go back to F2F we need to ensure that remote attendees aren't so disadvantaged as they have been in the past.


  • Arpit Joshipura how do we get to end users that are purely consumers of LFN content and do not contribute to the community directly