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Topics (w/Notes)

  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Walk-on Items
    • CNTT - New Name proposal "Cloud Native Telecom Taskforce"
      • Discussion: concerns regarding the message
      • Decision: Telecom instead of Telco
      • Issues
        • Do not want to lose Common
        • "Cloud Native" may lead to misconceptions regarding vnfs vs containers
      • Action: Bob Monkman to setup call to work on proposal
  • Field Trail (10 Min)
    • FTA Documentation; Scot Steele (5 Min)
      • Merge to master branch soon
    • Trial Plan progress: Scot Steele/Nick Chase  (5 Min)
      • Plan Tasks and details pages are found here: Trials Development
      • Need to secure WS leads to support trial, an other CNTT members in Project roles
        • Scot Steele and Nick Chase are co-leads for overall project
        • Scott Steinbrueck will be technical lead
        • Meetings will be scheduled to work on plan details.
          • Need to define Data collection and privacy policies + data retention
          • need to secure participants
      • LFN / GSMA: Jim Baker (LFN)/Tom Van Pelt (GSMA)5 min
    • LFN: Heather: no real updates except for virtual events (discussed later in meeting)
      • ONES F2F is planned to be in LA the last week of Sept 2020. (not Antwerp)
    • GSMA Tom van Pelt- No updates 
  • Technology Topics Rabi Abdel (VF)/ Walter Kozlowski (Telstra) 10 min
    • See Weekly Update Presentation: CNTT_Status_2020-04-08.pptx
      • Field trial plan will require additional resources.
      • Announcement: Raja Jayachandran (AT&T) now the Work-stream lead for RI-1
      • ›CNTT Relationship with OPNFV and OVP (In-Progress)

      • Progress on Baldy - 3% increase in work, hoping for a better increase in coming weeks (release is only 3 weeks away)
      • See Contributions in PPT
  • CIRV – OPNFV:  Fu Qiao (CM) 10 min
    • Chen Liang is PTL for the CIRV project in OPNFV
    • CNTT/OPNFV Release schedule sync
      • Release schedules not in sync now, causes some issues with RI and RC
      • Organizations should consider developing a Joint release schedule.
        • Action Item: Discuss this topic at the Virtual Conference later this month.
  • Governance Officers Items: 15 min
    • Governance Steering (Brian Bearden)
    • April Virtual Workshop: Scot Steele (AT&T), Jim Baker (LFN)
      • Schedule & Content - Time lines
        • Agenda CNTT Virtual Technical/Developer Conference - April 21-23
          • Action Item: Content collection - Presenters please add materials to agenda 
        • Tooling: Qiqo Chat
          • LF: Heather/Jim: tool exploration, has some features to support ease of use of multiple Zoom bridges and virtual hall ways.
          • VTEC continuing to work on a pilot, Scot Steele  participating
          • Marketing/Recruitment: Nick Chase (Mirantis), Toshi Wakayama (KDDI), Bob Monkman (Intel)
            • Interview Data: Working to develop a series of themes from existing docs.
              • Request for one more interview, should honor it
            • Whitepaper
              • Need support for Outline development and contract writer direction
                • WS leads request: what are the best points to pull from the materials
                • Also want some milestones and accomplishments
                • Action item: Bob sending email to WS leads today
    • Adoption: Rab Abdel (Vodafone), Beth Cohen (Verizon), Brian Bearden (AT&T)
    • Business Metrics: Jonathan Beltran (AT&T), Jonne Soininen (Nokia), Joanna Newman (VF)
    • Cross-Community Coordinator: Phil Robb (Ericsson), Jim Baker (LFN)
      • TIP (Telco infrastructure project) requesting joint meeting 
      • Action: Rabi/Jim to work on setting up meeting


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